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SAGE 2023 - Complete Sonic McOrigins Plus

General Information

The prime McDonald's simulator returns for this year!


Sonic McOrigins is a full-featured museum/simulator program, allowing you to play re-creations of the Sonic the Hedgehog McDonald's tie-in games from 2003 to 2005.
You can play with keyboard, mouse or touch, visualize hi-res photos of the games from every angle (even regional variants/recolors!), and see the original instruction manuals when available.

Now featuring:
  • All 20 games, now with Shadow Hockey, Amy/Rouge Volleyball and Shadow Basketball.
  • Updated manual scans for Knuckles' Treasure Hunt and AiAi Banana Catch
  • Layout improvements with some more OG McDonald's assets
  • Mouse/touch support
  • An Android version so you can play those games on the go as sonic team intended
  • Memes

For the record, I'm still looking for some manual scans!
See here for details if you want to contribute:

Downloads and source code

If the SAGE showcase links don't work, you can also grab the latest releases for Win, Mac, Android and Linux here:

Older computers/phones might have trouble playing the games at a decent framerate due to the relatively high resolution of the photos; I recommend playing using "Closeup" mode if that is the case for you.

Windows PSA: This release will only work on Windows 10 and up due to the UI library used.

The entire code of the game can be found on GitHub:

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I audibly shouted in excitement to see Shadow Basketball here at last. There may be something wrong with me. Thank you for letting me finally experience such a legendary game though.

It was okay. Great collection
Ok, so I was expecting it to install on my android phone but apparently it didn't even install at all. My phone can run Sonic Mania like a dream but nooooooo, Knuckles Soccer is way too unrealistic. I was hoping that you would release a version for 32 bit phones. Hopefully I can experience Shadow Basketball like everyone else is. This is just a mere suggestion and thank you for reading!

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