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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Horizons - SAGE 2022 Demo

General Information

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notice: this build of the game sucks please wait for the SAGE 2023 demo to pop up before playing ok thanks



Sonic Horizons is (in it's current form) an experimental playground, meant to test the framework for my future fangame of the same name.

The main focus of this framework is making Sonic's moveset fluid and "acrobatic". The game is built on top of the Bumper Engine, keeping staple moves like rolling and the spindash an integral part of his control scheme, whilst adding both new and old moves, such as quick-stepping and wall-clinging. Think of it as an amalgam of the Adventure and Boost playstyles, with some of my own ideas sprinkled on top



WASD/Left Joystick - Move
Mouse/Right Joystick - Camera
Space/"A" - Jump
Left Mouse/"RT" - Roll (on ground), Dropdash (in ball form)
Shift/"X" (on ground) - Spindash
Shift/"X" (in air) - Charge Dropdash
Q-E/Bumpers - Quickstep



strix - Game lead, gameplay programmer, UI designer
SuperSonic68 - Bumper Engine creator

mxshii, superyaygaming, VirtualFreeze, bonzee, climatrix, tozaku, ddemkoo, JayferDraw, FazieFunbear, Rextair, Freddson, PieceOfKake - Feedback and/or beta-testing

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Latest reviews

I like what this game tries to do, but the test stage wasn't that great to control in. Wish I could play with a controller though because it didn't work. The core physics are here (except for Sonic walking on water), and I think the idea of running on walls by freedom is an interesting concept and can be a good mechanic if used properly in stages. Sadly there is nothing else I can add, but I want to see what stages you will come up with in the future!
Thanks for the words! Yeah I plan to add a ton of stuff to this (precisely an open world full of things to do and have fun breaking the physics, not like Utopia though)
The game looks very awesome with physics of wallruning and etc. But the only problem is that my pc is a potato and i can't open the settings, witch means that i can't play the game well because my pc can't take the graphics, but i still think this game is awesome (Sorry for my broke english)
Fun proof of concept that I could see being a great full game in the future. The physics could definitely use some tuning, however. Sonic can simply scale the tallest flat walls without any speed simply by running left and right up them, and there are moments of jank where I was able to flat out clip through the world.

Despite the flaws, this is a fun game to just mess about with and I'd love to see where this project goes in the future.
The left and right think afaik is a general Bumper Engine issue. Don't know how to fix it right now but I'll definetly try to get it done until the next demos are released
its very good its has the potential to be the best freamwork.
i had fun with it. can't wait to see the completed version
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