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SAGE 2023 - Demo FNAF WORLD: Outplay

General Information

PLAY PATCH v1.1!!!

You can check out the Gamejolt page or my Discord server for more news about this game!

Looking for composers for this game. Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter or Discord @rextair

This game is still in the development phase. You will be playing a demo version of this game, make sure you give me feedback or your thoughts about this game.

It's morning. Fazbear's family gets up and receives mail in the mailbox from their old friend Fredbear.


So, they decided to find this anonymous and stop him from destruction!

FNAF WORLD: OUTPLAY, it's a non-horror fnaf fan game (Five Nights at Freddy's, not a Friday Night at Freddy's) about to recreate the FNAF WORLD from RPG format to sonic-like platformer format with fast-paced gameplay, with all the levels (besides glitch level, where you need to enter a hidden spot that regular players can't find), and with only 4 characters (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy). In this demo version, you will experience 1 level with the boss, and 4 playable characters!


*This game supports gamepad

Keyboard (gamepad example "Xbox"):

  • Arrow/left stick/d-pad - Move
  • A/A - Jump
  • S/X - Attack
  • Q/Y/right trigger/right bumper - Swap/Switch
  • W/B/right trigger/right bumper - Dash
  • Enter/Start - Pause/Confirm


  • Up + attack = Up attack;
  • Down + air + attack = Kick attack;
  • Hold attack = Spin (you can use it as a double jump).

  • You can throw a projectile in any direction;
  • Hold attack for flame attack.

  • At low or idle speed + attack = dash attack;
  • You can shoot in any direction with a charged attack.

  • Up + attack = Shoryufred attack;
  • Down + air + attack = Boost attack;
  • Hold attack = shield;


Latest reviews

Pretty decent Sonic-ish platformer; I definitely would never have expected a game like this from a FNAF fangame, but I absolutely love it. There are some issues with it, though, namely, the platforming feels a bit slow, and you sometimes have to spam dashes to get through loops, a higher speed cap would help a lot. The biggest issue I had with the game was the screen shake, It gets genuinely intolerable during the boss fight, flinging the camera all around, including making the characters go off-screen entirely. I turned it off, and it still affects the game and makes it so much harder to do much of anything. Otherwise, I can absolutely see the potential, and I'm very excited to see where this one goes.
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Okay, calming down. I did my playthrough with Bonnie and Foxy. Only real complaints is that it could use some proofreading, and Bonnie's dash move doesn't really seem to do anything useful when used on the ground, so you don't really stand any chance of clearing loops with it unless you jumpbeforehand. And sometimes it also has that Freedom Planet issue of "it's really hard to intentionally hit things with melee attacks while you're moving at sonic speed", but that at least I can chalk up to learning levels beforehand.

Honestly though, if you didn't put it in the title I never would have guessed it was a FNAF game. Is that a compliment? I don't know! But it plays nice, so good job, can't wait to see more. o3ob
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I'm very surprised at the quality I've seen of this game congratulations! I just think you have to calibrate the difficulty of the boss battle, but I'm really looking forward to seeing future versions of the game, keep up the amazing work!
From what I've played of this, it's p good tbh! It's always nice to see people tastefully reinterpret franchises in a foreign direction. Can't wait to see the full version of this game! (I assume you got LakeFepard's permission to use the Spark The Electric Jester OST, right?)

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