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Super Mario 64 Plus - 2.0 Update

General Information


Super Mario 64 Plus is a fork of the Super Mario 64 PC Port that focuses on customizability and adds features that not only fix some of the issues found in the base game but also enhance the gameplay overall.


These features include (but are not limited to):
- More responsive controls
- Improved camera
- Extended moveset
- The ability to continue the level after getting a star
- Optional extra modes
- 60FPS support via interpolation
- Various bug fixes

You will need to follow the steps given to you by the launcher and provide your own ROM file to build the game. Other necessary files will be downloaded by the launcher during this process, so an internet connection is required.

MFGG mirror link (often most up to date):

The FAQ page:

Official Discord server:

Public GitHub repository:

If you're having trouble or want to ask a question, please first read the FAQ, then ask your question!

And lastly, here's a quick tip for you, you can hold Backspace or Select right after opening the launcher to enable the hidden settings.​


The build window was instantly closing for me. The problem was that I had SM64 Plus in a folder path with spaces. I removed the spaces and it worked.

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