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Complete Sonic's Splatterhouse v1.0


Wassup! It's MysticalMist and I wanted to share one of my latest projects - Sonic's Splatterhouse. A parodic mixture of Sonic's Schoolhouse, Sonic.exe and the original Splatterhouse trilogy.

Play as Sonic, Rick Taylor, or "Leech" to destroy the infamous creepypasta icon, Sonic.exe.
However, it won't be easy, as you fight your way through old and new foes alike, no thanks to the satanic blue menace and his accomplice, as well as Rick's original nemesis, Dr. Henry West.

Download the game on my Gamejolt page:



AS OF SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2020, there are several bugs/mistakes within the first release of the full game. Do not hesitate to give me feedback and let me know of any bugs or issues you may come across upon gameplay.

Once I have fully patched enough bugs within the next few weeks, I will release an updated version before the end of this month or around early October.


Credits are revealed in the game's ending credits.

Latest reviews

Alright, the second I've read about this game it already gave me curiosity for the whacky concept... and the second I played the game it didn't disappoint.
Even though Leech's backstory is horrifying, the actual game is kind of hilarious, it has that Horror-Comedy vibe that I am actually fond of, I think this part is the best executed one.

Of course the gameplay is not a slacker either, it's very fun to smash through enemies with all my repertoire of moves, it's fast and very snappy, I don't have much to say.

The graphics are a mixed bag, while good, many of them come from different games, so it becomes a bit jarring, on the other hand, the frankensteined enemies even tho they are that they still look alright, Leech looks very good too, he's very well animated and looks recognizeable from his official art.

Sound design and Music wise the game is also very good, even tho again, they come from different games, it goes well with the whole mood of the game, but what's original is the voice acting, even if it didn't wow me, it's serviceable enough and the fact they put effort into it is commendable, albeit I've heard some popping here and there, but that doesn't ruin it. I've thought at the start the game was too quiet, but that was a smart choice, otherwise the jumpscares would be killing my ears.

So all well an good, but I have one very itty bitty small problem that screw with the balance completely... THE BABIES, for some reason those enemies are the most that do damage and they are very punitive about it, they made me lose lifes and even continues, thanks to them I only have a few continues left. like I know, I know you wanted to punish me for getting caught in an acid pool, but killing me by allowing said pool to pile up? yikes! i'd propose to nerf this acid pool to make you take out like a quarter or even less of life, because a common enemy should not be this powerful, especially when I am trying to combat other things.

But with that taken out of the way, it is a good beat em up with that aforementioned Horror Comedy vibe, with the game being silly at some point while being serious at others, you have done very well, fine gentleman, I am looking forwards to that balancing.

PD: an interesting idea I had is to halven Dr. West's life and have him have two phases, so one half is for his "human" form with Robotnik's drill, and on the second half he transforms into Hell Chaos/Captain Mozzarella.
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I know this was a little late but thank you for your feedback!

I love your suggestion about turning West into Hell Chaos. Funny thing is, I had fully ripped Hell Chaos yet I ended up only using the hand sprites in the final product obviously lol.

Though, as much as I would love to update this project based on the feedback (because rest assured, you're not the only one who hated the fetus monsters, it was a common vent among others who played it, haha), this may be the only version made public due to controversial contexts (and to respect some of the artists/creators, I wanted to abide by their decision to dissociate with Sonic.exe content in general and focus on coming up with an all new project in the future).

That being said though, I wished I saw this earlier and thanked you. Even if this version isn't perfect, I hope this can still at least be enjoyable to come back to for anyone to play! <3
Yeah, I've read your twitter about it, why is it always gotta be controversy?
but anyways, as late you are I am still grateful you answered me, you're a cool guy.
PS: yes, Leech is cool too.


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