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  1. Sonic's Splatterhouse v1.0

    Complete Sonic's Splatterhouse v1.0

    Wassup! It's MysticalMist and I wanted to share one of my latest projects - Sonic's Splatterhouse. A parodic mixture of Sonic's Schoolhouse, Sonic.exe and the original Splatterhouse trilogy. Play as Sonic, Rick Taylor, or "Leech" to destroy the infamous creepypasta icon, Sonic.exe. However, it...


    SENIORITIS is a 2D retro-themed platform beat 'em up about high school. Play as Julian "JD" Davenport, whose only goal is for him and his friends to make it to graduation. Impeding his process are both his homework assignments (the game's enemies) and a local gang of douchebags led by...