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  1. Sonic ZX 2 (SAGE '23 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic ZX 2 (SAGE '23 Demo)

    Sonic ZX 2 is made within Sonic Super Jam with OpenBOR2, being uploaded on it's own for the demo. Sonic ZX 2 is loosly based on the Xorda saga from the Archie Comics. Use speed and special attacks to fight aliens and monsters. The cast includes Sonic, Knuckles, Sally, Bunnies, Vector, Turbo...
  2. Sonic's Splatterhouse v1.0

    Complete Sonic's Splatterhouse v1.0

    Wassup! It's MysticalMist and I wanted to share one of my latest projects - Sonic's Splatterhouse. A parodic mixture of Sonic's Schoolhouse, Sonic.exe and the original Splatterhouse trilogy. Play as Sonic, Rick Taylor, or "Leech" to destroy the infamous creepypasta icon, Sonic.exe. However, it...
  3. Sonic Super Jam (SAGE '22 demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Super Jam (SAGE '22 demo)

    Sonic Super Jam, formally known as Sonic Open World Style, will be a collection of experiments and projects I'd like to do with Sonic using the Open Beats of Rage engine. Much of what I submitted before hasn't been touched but Sonic ZX is the newest addition. Here's the basic rundown of each...
  4. MegaMan Power Adventure

    SAGE 2022 - Demo MegaMan Power Adventure

    Main Story : Ra-Moon is back and kidnaps Dr. Willy from prison. At the same time, several robots are out of control and cause chaos throughout the city. MegaMan, ProtoMan and Bass (and Duo, who returned from space) join forces to stop the chaos with other robot masters, to stop the threat of...
  5. Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl is a mod I started a while back for OpenBOR where I can work on new ideas I have and even older demos I started all in one place. -The first 3 stages from the menu are mostly random and just for people to play on. Demo1 specifically was based on the flash movie, VG Exiles...
  6. Sonic Adventure: Revolution[V11.9.9]

    Sonic Adventure: Revolution[V11.9.9]

    Sonic Adventure: Revolution is a beat'em up game with characters not just from the games, but other canons to, like the Freedom Fighters, and Sonic's siblings from Underground. Once you choose a character, you're taken to a map where you can choose any stage and getting to fighting robots...