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Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds

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This is a base engine available for anyone to use to create their own Sonic Advance 2 style game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5.
You need at least Build 294.14 or higher to run this.

How to play:

['R']-Trick (In Mid-Air)

Final Update v1.2 (Hotfix) includes:
  • Insta-Shield now has invincibility frames
  • Fix Spring softlock glitch
  • Fix Homing Attack glitch
  • Simplified enemy/boss interaction code
  • Minor bug fixes

Final Update v1.2 includes:
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Fixed Tails underwater BackAir trick height
  • Adjusted air physics for Boss Act
  • Minor bug fixes
New Update v1.1 has now been released! The update includes:
  • Fixed screen resize issue.
  • Fixed lag issue.
  • There's now only one template level instead of two full acts in the source build.
  • Fixed Sonic & Amy's Underwater Bounce Height for their Down Air Action Trick.

Within the Download is the source code (Which works with Standard Fusion 2.5) and an example game built into an exe that you can play (Your PC might accuse it of it being a virus but I assure you this is not a virus.)

To turn Super Sonic press the "Select" button and you should hear a ring sfx and recieve 50 Rings if you haven't gotten that amount already. As long as you have 50 Rings after doing that jump and press "R" while in mid-air to transform.

To enable Debug mode press the "L" button in the menu you should hear a ring sfx for each time it's turned on/off which you can check in the options menu. Then press the "L" button again while in level to activate it. The "R" button is used to spawn objects, the "A" button is used to change objects and the "B" button is used to swap monitor boxes.

I have included within the download all of the required extensions you need to open the file IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE THEM!










Game, framework and logo created by Ice
Majority Programming:

Some Additional Programming: Yonatankr

Base framework: Not so Simple Sonic Advance Worlds by Ice

Original framework: Not so Simple Sonic Worlds by LakeFeperd

Bug testing and fixing: Ice

Various Sprites: Spriter Resource and many ripped by Ice

Various Sfx: Sound Resource, BlazeFireLP
Special Thanks:
  • Yonatankr for the helping me with the afterimages and Cheese following Cream.
  • SpookyGuga for the Yellow Spring Color Palette.
  • Julio Cesar (@NaitorStudios) for pairing objects code.
  • SonicGamingHub for the camera aspect ratio fix and idea. Check out his framework "Genesis Sonic Worlds" it's pretty lit.
  • SwackyGCF's "Super Mario Bros" code video which I used as a reference for coding collision for various things such as the boss template.
  • Almightyzentaco for the guide on how to make stretchy chains.
  • Ashzone for some of the music used from his "Sonic Advance 4" OST.
  • BlazeFireLP for the sound effects.
  • Jesus Christ who's my main motivator for everything I do.
  • Moe for a few of the Super Sonic Advance style sprites. Other edits/custom sprites were made by Ice.
  • My family & friends and anyone else who's helped or contributed in any sort of way If I haven't mentioned you.


Apologies I accidentally uploaded the mfa as 2.5+. It should work with standard 2.5 now. I included a hotfix as well. There will be no more updates/hotfixes after this.
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