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sonic advance 2

  1. nookels

    Fan Game Sonic Surge Adventure (Help needed)

    Hello! nookels here. Today I will show you my fangame: Sonic Surge Adventure. Zones: ================== Urban city Seaside beach (secret) emerald coast (semi-3d test for special stage) emerald island legacy lake sky chase e.g.g. lazer The story takes place after sonic 3k. I use Clickteam Fusion...
  2. Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds (Sage '21 Game Demo)

    Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds (Sage '21 Game Demo)

    I apologize for the long wait and I thank you for being patient with me. I am happy to announce the update is FINALLY HERE! This update includes a revamped + extended Act 1 and newly included Act 2. I hope these levels are long enough for you to enjoy in this small game demo! Not so Simple...
  3. Sonic Advance 2 Sound Effects

    Sonic Advance 2 Sound Effects

    A collection of sound effects from Sonic Advance 2.
  4. Sonic Freedom Forces

    Sonic Freedom Forces

    CURRENT FEATURES: - 3 LEVELS - Tropical Track - Fleeting Fortress - Glowy Jungle - Tropical Track Boss Tropical Track is a unique take on the classic first level of each zone, with a vibrant contrasting color palette, and high potential for fast finish times. Fleeting Fortress is a...