Sonic Freedom Forces


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  • - 3 LEVELS - Tropical Track - Fleeting Fortress - Glowy Jungle - Tropical Track Boss
Tropical Track is a unique take on the classic first level of each zone, with a vibrant contrasting color palette, and high potential for fast finish times.

Fleeting Fortress is a man-made bustling metropolis with a special type of enemy to face off against, where you travel on a ship flying away!

Glowing Jungle
is a calming, peaceful jungle late at night, filled with wildlife, and water running sections.

  • - MOVES FROM THE GAMES - Homing Attack - Ability to use Spindash - Power-ups - Grinding - Slope Physics - 360 degree Physics - Ranking System
The Homing attack is a move that allows sonic to propel himself into certain interactive objects, such are bumpers / springs, or enemies. When nothing is in his proximity, he just blasts forward with air dash.

Spindash is a move that allows sonic to roll rapidly in a locked position in order to release it all in a powerful burst. In this state, sonic rolls forward at maximum velocity, unstoppable to enemies.

Power ups, such as ring capsules and life capsules return.

Grinding is a move that can be utilized by sonic in order to ride thin rails under him. It allows him to travel faster than normal, and gives him a boost in points.
  • - Arrow Keys to move - X to jump - Z is action button - Press Z while in air to Homing Attack

  • Hold Z while pressing down to charge a Spindash - Press enter to pause the game


  • - 360 degree movement system added, less scripted loops from now on - 1st Boss has been added, backstory and cutscenes coming soon - First Act has been reworked
  • - Momentum loss while turning has been lessened - Homing Attack is smoother (No longer WIP)
  • - 2 new zones have been added - Running on water now exists - Saving and loading has arrived - Two new enemy types

  • - New title act intro - Physics bugs have been fixed - New more modern sound effects have been added
  • - Main menu now has more options - The sonic jump ball is now more interesting to look at - Ranking system is more forgiving - Pause menu has more controls



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