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SAGE 2022 - Demo Mega Man X8 16-bit

General Information

A Mega Man X8 16-bit demake project, being created using Godot Engine 3.5.


Main differences:
  • No medals, shop, retry chips or intermissions - look forward to a vanilla item hunt experience similar to X1~X3.
  • Only X will be playable. Zero, Axl and the navigators will not be playable.
  • Both Avalanche Yeti's and Gigabolt Man-O-War's stages are going to be reworked to play similar to Overdrive Ostrich's stage from Mega Man X2.
  • The RideChaser will work similar to Mega Man X2, but is now more responsive and can be stopped at any point. It also has the damaging airdash from X4.
  • Jakob Elevator will not be just an auto-scrolling elevator level and Gateway will not be just a classic boss rush.
  • The Neutral Armor will not be unlocked all at once anymore - rather, the armor parts will be displayed over X's body, similar to classic games. The color of each part will fade to yellow if X is not wearing a full set.
  • Ultimate Armor will not be in the game.
  • Some Icarus and Hermes armor parts have been reworked slightly:
    • Hermes foot parts now makes you invulnerable while dashing on the ground.
    • Hermes body parts now lets you recover energy for a brief time after getting damage by destroying enemies.
    • Icarus foot parts now lets you double jump and double air dash.
Progress so far:
  • Current build has the intro stage plus all eight maverick stages completed, with their respective bosses, weapons and secrets.
  • The current demo has a very balanced battle totally free of any bugs as a placeholder for the final stages.

Latest reviews

I get this is still a demo, but this game seriously needs some balancing and changes. Also the demo needs saves. I just tried to turn the game back on and realized "oh shoot. I have to play the intro stage all over again"

Controls: Fine for the most part. but not a fan of how the double tap dash is off by default (seriously, why do so many people hate this? Even the dev of Reisen X...)

Dynasty: Vehicle takes ramming damage. This is kind of annoying as I was going back to get a previous bike constantly. I get that X2 also broke the bike when you rammed it, but that section was short and mostly flat. There was no "biker platforming." Speaking of X2, something else that game did better with bikes is you don't take damage from the bike blowing up like you do here. That should be removed or just make it like X2 where it breaks immediately and puts you on the ground for no damage.

Metal Valley: Ok did anyone even get past this stage? I and why does the giant mech speed up when he's off screen? If you mention how he always catches up to you in X8, you've completely missed the point. That was because he always has to stay ON CAMERA. If you were in the chase phase going back, he wouldn't go anywhere because he HAS to stay in the camera's border. Either let him be off camera and he has to catch up to you on his own, or make a way to slow him down.

Knock back: When climbing up walls and taking damage, I noticed X falls down a good distance before grabbing the wall again. I would play some X1-X3 to double check on some better recovery times for this.

Pitch Black: You can't see anything without the lit up enemy. You could see so much better in the original. Give X more glow.

Just going to say right now, that I'll probably wait until this game is finished before getting it again. and even then I do not have high hopes. I found out about this game because of J Reviews and I have to say, he did this game a great injustice overrating it as if it had no flaws despite what me and others have said here. I fell this demake has changed too many things to even be considered a demake anymore. You would have been better off just making an original game than demaking X8.
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Just questioned, where's the download because it's not here anymore
Man, I will never be able to thank you enough for doing this, everything in this game feels great, so fluenty, the enhaced animations of X, and playing in 16:9 and at 144 fps just feels incredible, and combining this with the "modern" music of x8, its just an unique experience, If I had a Megaman x9 that looked and played like this i would love it. Its not perfect, but its almost.
I can respect the effort, but I'm just not a fan of the direction.

X8 is kinda bad. You don't have to agree with me, but I don't think it's hard to see where I'm coming from. For as bad as it was though... X8 had ideas. Interesting ideas. X8 demake's choice to not even go with ideas that had been proven to work at this point (namely Zero) is confusing and I think it harms the game.

X8 demake doesn't do anything to address the poor level design of X8 beyond the obvious fixes. The autoscrollers are gone, sure, but in their places are stages I don't think are much better. I'll generalize, but the stages are pretty similar to X3 stages, just a lot shorter. They're blocky and tend to have a lot of timewasters, or strange design choices that I don't think make much sense. Like how at the end of dynasty you need to wall jump for 15 seconds to reach the end of the stage, or in the same stage where they give you a ridebike and then immediately put a stair case that you need to jump off of in the opposite direction to progress... Moments like these don't feel especially thought out. I also think that levels tend to overuse spikes. This was present in vanilla X8, and the fact that it has not only not been addressed, but arguably worsened in many areas, is disappointing (and frustrating.)

I'd like to give a small moment to talk about the bosses, as while I'm not super knowledgeable on boss design as a whole, I do have things I'd like to say. Namely, the damage scaling feels incredibly off. I feel like the bosses do the same exact damage they did in X8, but in X8 you had the ability to swap out with your partner and heal, somewhat mitigating the extreme damage you'd be taking from bosses. It feels unbalanced. I've also been clipped into walls by Earthrock Trilobyte a couple of times, and that would be nice to see get fixed.

I do think in terms of armors and weapons, X8 demake is extremely good. The armors are both very useful as are all the weapons. They are also fun to use, which I think is especially important. I don't have much to say here, good job on these.

This should go without saying, but the sprite art (while I feel it is somewhat jarring and out of style) is really good! Sprites are detailed, animations are smooth, everything is great on this end.

Overall, while I think X8 demake has potential, but I personally don't think it's come close to realizing it yet. I think it has worse overall design than X3, with none of the interesting ideas that made X8 worth playing (beyond the multiple armors.) I know some people will enjoy it, but it's really not my cup of tea. If you are going into X8 demake, I'd recommend treating it like X1, X2 or X3, as I think those are the most comparable experiences.
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Totally Agree with this comment. When you make a demake, you have to make sure you balance it around the style you are making it. By being a 16-bit style game, but keeping a lot of the stage design from the original X8, it means you are automatically nerfed into difficult and infuriating design. Man-O-War's stage with the bikes sounds like a neat idea. Until you start suiciding yourself left and right because the bike takes impact damage from walls, which are built into the fabric of a platforming stage. We shouldn't be platforming with a bike! The impact should be doing no damage because it happens WAY too often to even be fair. And then you are just backtracking to get another bike. This is just one example but there are so many like it in this demake, its not even funny.


Hello good Morning!
first of all the game looks amazing...
but i have a big problem...
I don't know why this is specific because others do
but I get an error that won't let me open it in any way...

Your video card driver does not support any of the supported opengl versions.
Please update your drivers or if you have a very old or integrated GPU, upgrade it.

help me please
Esse Demake é muito bom mesmo.

Megaman X8 é o meu Megaman X favorito da Série, e essa versão (pelo menos para mim) aperfeiçoa ainda mais o jogo que já era muito bom. Ele tem alguns Bugs aqui e ali, mas em geral é um ótimo Demake que claramente é feito com carinho, mas eu queria perguntar uma coisa que, por mais que esteja escrito acima, não sei se irá se aplicar ao jogo quando (ou caso) ele for terminado.

Seguinte: A primeira coisa é que eu queria saber se realmente o jogo só vai ter o X como personagem jogável mesmo, ou se ele só tem o X como personagem jogável por enquanto, tipo, seria realmente maravilhoso se tivesse os outros dois Personagens, Axl e Zero, mas se tiver apenas o X até o final é totalmente compreensível, afinal, deve ter dado um trabalhão fazer esse Demake kkk.

E a segunda é que eu queria também saber se até o final, a Ultimate Armor não será adicionada ao jogo, que como eu disse antes, por mais triste que seja, é compreensível.

De qualquer forma, mesmo que no fim não haja nenhuma dessas duas Adições, o jogo é fenomenal e merece muito mais reconhecimento do que já tem. Estou tendo que escrever isso com os Pés, pois minhas mãos estão muito ocupadas aplaudindo o jogo.


This Demake is really good.

Megaman X8 is my favorite Megaman It has a few bugs here and there, but overall it's a great Demake that was clearly made with care, but I wanted to ask something that, even though it's written above, I don't know if it will apply to the game when (or if) it is finished.

Next: The first thing is that I wanted to know if the game will really only have X as a playable character, or if it only has X as a playable character for now, like, it would be really wonderful if it had the other two characters, Axl and Zero, but if there's only X until the end it's totally understandable, after all, it must have been a lot of work to do this Demake lol.

And the second is that I also wanted to know if by the end, Ultimate Armor will not be added to the game, which as I said before, as sad as it is, is understandable.

In any case, even if in the end there are neither of these two Additions, the game is phenomenal and deserves much more recognition than it already has. I'm having to write this with my Feet as my hands are too busy applauding the game.

Anyway, even if there aren't these two Additions in the end, the game is phenomenal and deserves much more recognition than it already has. I'm having to write this with my Feet as my hands are too busy applauding the game.
It's very strange to see Mega Man X8 go back so much graphically and sonically to resemble the Super Nintendo trilogy, a trilogy that I love, but I find the graphical evolution it has had since Mega Man X4 fascinating. Despite all this, your fangame is amazing, it looks very well made and looks very beautiful, but is there room for modification in your fangame? I would love to add the sprites, effects (especially the dash) and sounds from Mega Man X4 to X6.
After replaying the game I can't quit saying how incredible of a fan game it is and how much enjoying it is to replay it
I'd like to add few things I've noticed
The armor parts ...the blue foot part is inferior to the red one . Because the red is so OP I'm not saying this to nerf the red but to make the blue ones more powerful in some way like I would never pick the blue ones over the red
The blue boday part is so useless actually...yeah cool idea of making your health red and can be refill but it literally last for a second and you have to shot with your normal buster to refill it I mean I rarely benefitted from it and as the foot part I would always choose the red one over it
The giga attack of the Blue armor is also inferior to the red one I feel like if you add a regeneration to the giga attack of the blue armor it would be the perfect mix and the two giga attack will be equal
Lastly I would add that I don't really know how the optic sun flower weapon works but it still look so cool LOL.
And I will repeat this is one of the best games ever like I can write two full pages of how much I like it and enjoy it
Thx very much for this incredible experience.

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