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SAGE 2022 - Demo Creature Oasis

General Information

Hello! Welcome to Creature Oasis. Here you will experience a first slice containing my attempts at understanding and recreating the neat gameplay systems driving the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 2 using the Unreal Engine.

Features included:
- Basic Chao behavior, including face and emote-ball expressions
- Gradual evolutions, no evolutions though
- The ability to pick up/throw interactable objects
- An early work-in-progress race track editor
- Manny the Mannequin as caretaker
- Save/Load system
- 2 gardens
- A variety of debug menus for spawning objects and messing with Chao properties

The project is still in development and is missing items, actions, and features. Anyways, thanks for reading. If anyone has any suggestions and/or ideas for this project let me know!

Curious how it's made? The project's source is available on GitHub:

Latest reviews

SAGE 22 - Sonic Fan Game 8 out of 69 - Creature Oasis
Good concept

I can't really say much about this since this is still in very early development, and it shows. But what I will say is that I wouldn't mind seeing an HD version of a Chao Garden, though I do feel like my PC will explode when trying to run it.
Anyways, there is not much to say, had fun messing around with debug stuff and such.
Hope to see this evolve in a bigger fan game. 👍
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You've got chao functioning which is very cool indeed, but i am not sure how it will work for a full game. It's also not very presentable at the current stage making it not very appropriate at an expo. Great work, not a great enrty.

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