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SAGE 2023 - Demo 10 Second Backdoor (Part 1 Demo)

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10 Second Backdoor is a speed/reaction-based puzzle game where you guide humans toward doors scattered around levels.
This is the first part out of 3 planned parts!
Your feedback helps make the future parts better and helps keep me going! :emoji_cat:

Left Mouse Button - Rotate Blocks Left / Break Crates / Continue Cutscene
Right Mouse Button - Rotate Blocks Right
Escape Key - Pause / Skip Cutscenes

Welcome To The Backdoor Dimension, a mysterious alternative to the real world filled with many locals and interested people. One day, this weird but peaceful place was suddenly disarrayed by a feud known for as long as time.

You, The daughter of one of the most potent ancients have been tasked with protecting lost humans that ended up in the wrong place. Over the demo, your journey will bring you to many locations and meet many people to save your father from uncertain calamity!

And pet cats...

- 40 Unique Levels
- 3 Difficulty Options
- 4 Unique Worlds
- Copious Amount of Achievements
- Story
- Library
- Very Hard Challenges (Platinum Stars)
- Extra Content!
- Cats (Shhhhhh...)

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Latest reviews

The game has great potential gameplay wise.

Although, if you really have to base the puzzles aroung reflexes, you outta add another immediate mean to change the block's direction instead of rotating them.

For example, mouse button+directional keys or just the directional keys.

Regarding the mouse, the exclusive control scheme is a pain when you have to deal with the World 3 Boss and navigating the Library.

Speaking of the library, let me choose all the books I want with favourites instead of randomly get the books.

Also, I'd wish to simply get the stars by replaying the exact level instead of doing the whole world at once. In addiction to a different option to restart simply that level instead of the whole world.

With all of these suggestions, I hope to have contributed to the game's development.

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Thank you for your review,

I will be taking your suggestions into account for new features and mechanics.

Your review helped me think of new ideas for the game!


(UPDATE 2 - 3 Sep 2023)
-Fixed more bugs
-Added small graphic effects
-Added secrets for people who like going into the registry editor. *wink*
[Hint: The game has 3 difficulty options, not 15!)
-Changed Sprites

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