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Sep 22, 2017
An early-stage project that I'm building with my own home-grown Motobug Engine. I also made most of the art (except for sonic and the motobug) and all the music.

Not sure how far I want to go with it, but you can play the early build here.

Chaos Causeway Zone:
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Early Special Stage (tiles are not final):
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Not gonna lie, but this is leagues better than what I accomplished working with HTML5. You should keep at this, cause I would love to see a fully-realized Javascript Sonic game like this.
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Sep 18, 2017
Hey, we're still working on the game! Here are some screenshots for new animations, sprites and GUI. On a side note, the Discord server for the game is now private with certain requirements needed in order to be brought in. For more information, be sure to send us a message!

Be aware, not everything you see in these screenshots are final, things are most likely to change further on! The most we've added are Sonic's animations, rings, GUI, the grass, and monitors. A lot of what you see came with the CORE engine framework which Expeditive is being built on top of.

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Loving the sprite work here. Keep it up man!


Mar 6, 2021
I made a Sonic Adventure style game and posted it a few days ago, but nobody touched the thread so far. I'm looking for some feedback on the performance before I post it to the showcase. I attached the game here. The controls are in the original thread, but if you don't look at those, you can switch characters with the p key.


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Mar 23, 2021
I was going to make a 3D Sonic game on Unity called "Sonic And The Ancient Romans" but i realized that my specs were too low to execute the concept, and here is the link to my lost concept: (2) Fan Game - Sonic And The Ancient Romans | Sonic Fan Games HQ and anyone can steal this concept and incorporate it into a unity bumper engine game, and also for the game, CREDIT ME as the concept creator of the game, and here is a small mockup of what the logo would've looked like in MS Paint
10410 ]
Second, i have a powerpoint presentation of a concept of Sonic Adventure 3 that i really want you to see, download the presentation from this link here: (2) My SA3 Powerpoint Presentation | Sonic Fan Games HQ
Also, another png of anyone who wants to make a 2D version of Sonic Forces (not 2.5D), ik these may be recolored Sonic Advance sprites but i'm not an artist or something lol and i don't want to download the fancy or something. 10411

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Mar 23, 2021
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This is a screenshot of Sonic Seaside Adventure's first Act of Coastal Isle (some stuff are subjected to change)
this looks pretty good, the sand looks hideous but it's just a placeholder, everything else looks pretty good.
I love when someone finally fulfills their dream to make a pretty ambitious sonic fangame, it looks like the kind of sonic fangames that i download on gamejolt without caring if it has malware in it.
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