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SAGE 2023 - Demo Yark!: A Kobold Adventure

General Information

If you like kobolds and larceny,

You've come to the right place!

Get ready for a throwback fantasy stealth game where you play a young Kobold rogue named Rhiri
who's stealing treasure from local kingdoms to pay back her debts to a fearsome dragon.


Stick to the shadows in 10 (planned) main levels each with unique atmosphere and specific missions from the thieves' guild to keep your head above water and earn back your financial freedom.


Take a side job at the local tavern in the mean time to keep your claws from going idle!

Yark Campaign Coin.png

Use any means necessary to outsmart and outrun the guards, and bag up as much gold, treasure, and magical artifacts as you can.


Help an assassin take the place of the guard captain, help a skeleton pull himself together, throw rats at the rank and file watchmen, yip to get some attention, and more!

But above all:

Don't get caught!

Yark Splash Illustration Transparency.png

Please check out our Indiegogo trailer to hear from the creator and see the game in motion!

Play the free demo right now! (Also available in the downloads section of the booth, to the right!)

You can still back on Indiegogo right now and still get rewards like a physical copy!

Follow us on
twitter (or whatever they're calling it this week) for updates!

Join us on
discord for kobold memes and other tomfoolery!


Thanks for checking out our game!



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