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Super Mario Flashback - Engine Test

Project Overview

Super Mario Flashback is a Mario fangame that combines the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. This build of the game is an engine test and features a mostly complete version of the very first level of the game. The game may get updated during SAGE, the updates will be automatic so don't worry about that.

Please visit the game's official site for more information and the download links.
(The engine test will be uploaded at September 30th)​

Screenshots and media!

You can find more in the official website.

Bonus Content

going left and right aboutt this xD

but no seriously just go to the website


Team Members!
Project leader, designer, main programmer and sprite artist
Can of Nothing: Composer
Neweegee: Sprite artist
Gaem: Sprite artist
Crusie Elroy: Sprite artist
Catonator: Level editor programmer
Darkonius Mavakar: Level designer

Latest reviews

the graphics are beutiful, the controls are really good, the levels keep interesting and isnt that hard, and it has enought content for being a demo, its really an amazing fangame
It does not need words, the images talk for themselves. :)
: emoji_laughing:
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