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Sonic Ultima

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Sonic Ultima is a passion project that's been worked on for a surprisingly long time with

The game utilizes mugen 1.1b's features.
the current build of the game has 3 characters playable, the amount will be updated over time as the event goes on.
please be sure to give feedback as needed, this game will be updated very frequently from this point on.

Thank you.

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Alright guys, i know this game provides absolutely NO instruction, so lemme help you out on some stuff i figured out.
1, 2, 3, 4, movement for p1. 0, -, =, (basically z x c), are the "Light", "Heavy", and "Special".
P2 (you should play this.)
Arrow keys for movement. Z x C ="Light," "Heavy," "Special."
With specials, (or possibly light and heavy?), you can hold down buttons to do special moves, like SF.
Holddown, left, right, with sonic to do a ground spin kick into a multihit tornado kick (spin upside-down like a top) and multihit.
It seems you can hold down keys in this way with all characters.
Left, Right, sonic seems to do a spindash that will multihit when he jumps back, kinda like frontiers spinning ball throw attack, but 1 and it multihits the enemy.
Shadow left down right seems to summon a ball. Hit them into the ball to assist with combos.
Full screen, i do Alt + enter, but there's probably other ways.
Hope this helped, will update with all my findings.
Edit: "special" seems to be heavy, "heavy" seems to be medium. The controls said so, but i think heavy is all the special moves.

Edit again: just join the discord. Im an idiot, they have movelists there.
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