Sonic Ultima

Project Overview

Sonic Ultima is a passion project that's been worked on for a surprisingly long time with

The game utilizes mugen 1.1b's features.
the current build of the game has 3 characters playable, the amount will be updated over time as the event goes on.
please be sure to give feedback as needed, this game will be updated very frequently from this point on.

Thank you.

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Screenshots and media!

Some shots and stuff from over time, some stuff isn't implemented publically.


Song List
Spring Emotions by Tomoya Ohtani
Sonic Drift 2: Hilltop Course (Remix) By Mr. Lange.
Extra And History Menu By Sonic Team
Cloud 10 by Karl Brueggemann
Time is Running out by nu11

Character List (Current Build)
Sonic by IbuiKun
Tails by IbuiKun
Shadow by IbuiKun
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Latest reviews

Note: I know nothing of MUGEN, so my words likely mean literal T R A S H but bear with me~

High point:
-The techniques feel good to use and chain into each other in an obvious route(i.e. ascending power lol). I can see this being a fun game, once it's complete~

Tripping point:
-I need a move list. Like, desperately.
Like, maybe I'm just bad at learning fighting games, but the most I can do per character is two or three moves and it's the standard 'hadouken-type' inputs, both forward and back. Am I missing anything?


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