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Sonic Revert

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Sonic Revert
is a reimagining of the Sonic gameplay but where Sonic is controlled like a car when he's in running mode. The game features singleplayer time attack and online multiplayer racing mode. Some of the classic Sonic mechanics have been modified, such as the homing attack. The level design is inspired by Trackmania tracks, but filled with badniks, spikes and other dangers. The game is made using Unity and the physics takes inspiration from the Hedge Physics source code.

The origin of this game:

My first console was a Genesis / Megadrive with the first Sonic game. Since then I always followed the blue hedgehog adventure and played most of its game. However, I was always convinced that Sonic would really work if it had car-like controls when running at full speed. So, one year ago, I start prototyping a little something to test if it would work and... it was great! Since, I worked on my free time to create this small fan game.

Latest reviews

This is such a cute game. I love how it feels like a more evolved version of Sonic R with more complexity. I played this as part of my recent birthday stream and I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't play it online because I wanted to just try it on my own but it was still really fun on my own. In some ways, it felt like I was playing Monkey Ball because of how many times I would fail and have to start a segment over, but the running feels enjoyable once you get used to it. I'd love to see more levels in this as well as maybe a Classic Amy character, but that's just me.
this is a cool game, all the levels are fun and the online mode is perfect, barely any lag, its also just fun to even just run around in the lobby area, its like sonic r 2 and i for one am all for it.
I love the idea behind this game, and I have a lot of fun playing it- but I find the option menu impossible to navigate for some reason. It's its only major flaw, really,
Kyle 56
Please set full screen resolution without minimizing screen, or also set screen resolution option for the game.
pls make a 32 bit version PLSS ):


This game has changed so much since earlier this year, not that this a request but, can you please add same screen multiplayer? You don't have to do it if it's too hard for you.
It's the new Sonic R. Very nice graphics(apears cartoons), and i very like the online multiplayer is most easy of to the local! :emoji_smile:
Very Good work Taldius.
I absolutely love it! Great job! In the future if you ever update it it might be neat to add a skill or passive ability to each character to help make them unique (just an idea to add some changes between characters but I understand that it is a lot to do). Thank you for making this! It is really awesome!

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