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Sonic Revert

This is such a cute game. I love how it feels like a more evolved version of Sonic R with more complexity. I played this as part of my recent birthday stream and I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't play it online because I wanted to just try it on my own but it was still really fun on my own. In some ways, it felt like I was playing Monkey Ball because of how many times I would fail and have to start a segment over, but the running feels enjoyable once you get used to it. I'd love to see more levels in this as well as maybe a Classic Amy character, but that's just me.
this is a cool game, all the levels are fun and the online mode is perfect, barely any lag, its also just fun to even just run around in the lobby area, its like sonic r 2 and i for one am all for it.
I love the idea behind this game, and I have a lot of fun playing it- but I find the option menu impossible to navigate for some reason. It's its only major flaw, really,
Kyle 56
Please set full screen resolution without minimizing screen, or also set screen resolution option for the game.
pls make a 32 bit version PLSS ):
I like this game but the gravity and physics are this molasses like feeling of weirdly jarring and makes the game feel awkward, and the platforming(gonna really point out casino night's little 3 lane section) sadly feels terrible if you dare try to go fast, in fact going fast feels like your worst enemy at many points due to how turning, outside of spin drift, gets real unresponsive and you basically have to wait a bit to get the turn, last big one is landing on walls: if you try to homing attack to land on a wall you make it but the game nearly always set you to be running up rather than to the side which really fucks up some stages if you dare mess up,it happens generally for some walls as well.
Edit: forgot to mention the camera, simply put it's pretty awful, i can rarely see below myself when in the air causing me to miss points where I need to slam down to save time

Solid game just takes so real effort to get used to
P.S. I am Kachow
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Kyle 56
please put xbox and ps gamepad control compatibility pls
Kyle 56
Good game, i like this game