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Sonic Islands (SAGE 2018 Demo)

Project Overview

Sonic Islands Logo final.png

The engine that Sonic Islands is using was built solely with speedy, 360 degree platforming in mind. Attempting to recreate the classic physics in 3D, Sonic Islands also adds abilities inspired by the modern games, such as the Homing Attack and the Bounce Attack, on top of some new abilities for Sonic's moveset, like the Drift-Dash, or moves from the classic games rarely used in 3D, like the Insta-Shield.

Islands also attempts a more acrobatic, exploratory design for Sonic, which tries to incentivise more nuanced, free flowing platforming, as well as rescuing animals to unlock extra areas.
Run around the zone and try collect as many emeralds as you can, as each one adds a new move to your moveset. ...You might even find a way to power them up too!

If you want to keep up with any updates, I'm on twitter at

(Apologies for the blocky terrain and performance issues. If you need some more frames, try using the Low End build.)

Bonus Content

Developer Notes:

So as is the same as last year, I was working right down to crunch and still managed to only get about 10% of what I planned done. There's a lot of jankiness from multiple Unity updates along with the general codebase for the engine becoming an untamable monster as I've gotten sloppier and sloppier with it.

I apologise for the poor performance in some areas. The stage really started to tank frames as I added more stuff, the whole engine is just poorly optimised in this state.

Enough of my pussymoaning excuses though, here's what I planned to get done before running out of time, and will be adding in the future:
- Action button to function as a walk mode when at low speeds, prevents you from accelerating beyond a light jog
- Extras menu with purchasable cosmetic changes and gameplay modifiers
- Emerald doors that require you to give up a specific emerald to unlock and access that area (to allow challenges such as no homing platforming etc.)
- Ring banking treadmill system, to allow control over deposit amount, and provide a way to save for large purchases
- Ring doors that use the same treadmill deposit system
- Crystal rings scattered throughout the zone, acting as a finite collectible in each zone, akin to red rings but in much larger amounts
- Large crystal rings that teleport the player to new areas (special zone etc.) Require crystal rings to power

Finally, as I've come more to grips with programming and general game design since I started this project almost 2 years ago, I've decided to rebuild the engine from the ground up, again....again.
It's already quite far along, and is infintely tidier than the current code. The next build of Islands you see should be on this improved engine.
A large reason for this is I plan to release this new engine on the Unity Asset Store, as both a pack or segmented modules. I know, I hate to be that guy and not make it free, but if I can turn this development stuff into a living, it'll go much, much faster than it has been. I also plan on making it as user friendly and feature packed as possible, with tutorials to go alongside. There's definately love and care going into this one.

Either way, thanks for checking out the page, and though it's not much, I hope you enjoy the demo


Music is by the fantastic Karl Brueggemann (@karlbrueggemann)

Thanks to azoo for the rough logo design, many concept sketches, as well as general feedback and testing. He can be found at @azookara on twitter.
Plus a thanks to @indigorush101 for the mini capsule and shoe soles designs.

Also want to say thanks to the Sonic Utopia team for showing us the potential of how Sonic could play in 3D, and for their support.

The Sonic, Badnik Capsule and Motobug models, animations and textures (as well as the Green Hill Zone assets and all game sound effects) are taken from Sonic Generations and Sonic 1-3 (Drop Dash SFX from Mania), and were created, and are owned by, SEGA and Sonic Team.

Programming, stage design, and general game design by Steve Taylor, or @SteveTGames on twitter

Latest reviews

Looks great, but my computer is weird with .rar files. Any chance you can make a zip file?
It's showing a 27.5 MB file to download... is that right???
I think so


I can't figure out how to get the chaos emerald on the pillar thing you stand on when the yellow diamond comes above your head
this is the best you put alot of effect into this hope you can be a professional game designer maybe for sonic team love it keep up the good work but i did not find a problem YET
This was a fantastic demo. I love everything about this and I just want more. More levels and places to explore.
Sorry but something wrong is in this game: When I start I have Sonic running when I'm not controlling nothing, when I start controlling he runs but the camera go to front and I can't see Sonic, and next the camera go to a "hole" and nothing happen more, or the camera go to a wall and nothing happen more!
I tryed restart a lot of times, I dowload a lot of times... But nothing!

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