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  1. Lunistice 1.5 // ACCEL CODA (SAGE Demo)

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Lunistice 1.5 // ACCEL CODA (SAGE Demo)

    Lunistice 1.5 // ACCEL CODA is the upcoming FREE content update for Lunistice! Play through brand-new levels with a new character - Accel! Additionally, Lunistice 1.5 overhauls major parts of the base game, ranging from new character models and animations to minor and major reworks of the...
  2. Hellslave : Project Z-Treme

    Hellslave : Project Z-Treme

    Hellslave : Project Z-Treme, SAGE 2021 deathmatch demo LATEST VERSION HERE : -Complete deathmatch experience, including against humans or bots, with up to 8 players. -Fully 3D engine, the Z-Treme Engine, expanding on the Sonic Z-Treme engine...
  3. Sonic R (Saturn) Sound Effects

    Sonic R (Saturn) Sound Effects

    A collection of sound effects from Sonic R.
  4. Sonic Speed Course

    Sonic Speed Course

    Ever wanted to play Kirby's dream course but with Sonic the hedgehog? This is a small demo I created in less then 10 days for SAGE 2019 and presents a small showcase of what base game could be in future releases with a world made exclusively for this SAGE. I do plan on working on this further...
  5. PROJECT Z-TREME (Sega Saturn) - SAGE 2019 tech demo

    PROJECT Z-TREME (Sega Saturn) - SAGE 2019 tech demo

    PROJECT Z-TREME Sage 2019 tech demo Homebrew full 3d first person shooter for the Sega Saturn! Including for the first time on the Sega Saturn, splitscreen first person coop and deathmatch gameplay! UPDATE 2019-11-11 : New map compiler, allowing bigger maps made much faster. I added a new...
  6. Sonic Islands (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Sonic Islands (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    The engine that Sonic Islands is using was built solely with speedy, 360 degree platforming in mind. Attempting to recreate the classic physics in 3D, Sonic Islands also adds abilities inspired by the modern games, such as the Homing Attack and the Bounce Attack, on top of some new abilities for...
  7. Sonic Z-Treme (Saturn) -  SAGE 2018 demo

    Sonic Z-Treme (Saturn) - SAGE 2018 demo

    Attention : I couldn't test the game on a PAL console, so it might not work correctly! Be aware of that! For PAL users (Europe and other areas), burn the PAL version. For all the others, burn the NTSC version (North America, Japan, etc.). For emulators, choose the NTSC version. Sonic Z-Treme is...