1. Sonic Islands (Physics Preview - WIP)

    Sonic Islands (Physics Preview - WIP)

    (Physics Preview - Early WIP) Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the new build of Sonic Islands is an attempt at transferring the physics and momentum based gameplay from the classic games into 3D space. Currently in an early preview state, this test zone intends to showcase the new physics...
  2. Sonic Grand Tour Fan Game Demo 1

    Sonic Grand Tour Fan Game Demo 1

  3. H

    I found a jump-breaking glitch in the Bumper Engine--anyone know how to fix it?

    I'm making my debut on this site's forums after following it for over a decade now! That is largely because I'm a fledgling Unity developer who got back into Sonic recently. I was delighted to discover the Bumper Engine, and for a young engine it's a great start! I have, however, noticed one...
  4. Twisted Terrace Zone

    Twisted Terrace Zone

    [Update] If your camera isn't working, it may be a bug relating to player preferences. Simply adjust the sensitivity in the options menu, and press the back button to apply the changes. About two months ago I discovered the solution to my health issues, and since then I've felt energetic and...
  5. Sonic Islands (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Sonic Islands (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    The engine that Sonic Islands is using was built solely with speedy, 360 degree platforming in mind. Attempting to recreate the classic physics in 3D, Sonic Islands also adds abilities inspired by the modern games, such as the Homing Attack and the Bounce Attack, on top of some new abilities for...
  6. Sonic Prototype

    Sonic Prototype

    MMAAAAANNNN I have learned alot from making this, first would be to never make a 3D level without a game plan going in. I spent a good chunk of time just redoing the level design until I came to this and even then, this is a really poor showing on my part and I feel bad that I wasn't able to...
  7. Copen-08

    Anyone know the SA2 (Dreamcast) Physics Engine?

    Hi, So I'm working on a 3D project in Unity3D, and I figured I'd make a fun platformer, but when I tried using PhysX - the Unity3D physics engine - my hopes were (and still currently) dashed when the best I could come up with was nothing but a vulgar parody of movement. I really liked how...
  8. Sonic Islands (Very Early Alpha)

    Sonic Islands (Very Early Alpha)

    Sonic Islands is a (currently incredibly unpolished) attempt at creating a Sonic experience that merges the classic gameplay with elements from the Adventure and Boost games. Each Chaos Emerald provides a new ability to further expand Sonic's arsenal. (As is probably obvious, this is the most I...