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Anyone know the SA2 (Dreamcast) Physics Engine?


Green Hill Zone
Feb 27, 2018

So I'm working on a 3D project in Unity3D, and I figured I'd make a fun platformer, but when I tried using PhysX - the Unity3D physics engine - my hopes were (and still currently) dashed when the best I could come up with was nothing but a vulgar parody of movement.

I really liked how jumping felt on SA2 (Dreamcast), and to a lesser extend in Generations. The way a SA2 Jump feels long, but still fast and how it arcs would be ideal.

I'm wondering if I'll need to implement my own physics, and just use Raycasting for collision, but that seems like it probably be just as hard as getting PhysX to work.

Is there anyone here I can PM, or contact on Discord to discuss this more? Please let me know.

Rudie Radio Waves

The One With The Most Power
Sep 21, 2017
SA2’s engine is completely custom. You’d have to code movement, interaction with slopes etc. entirely by yourself.
I do know there’s a member on SFGHQ who’s working on a SA2 remake. You could try asking him.
Or you could try using HedgePhysics.
I hope I’ve been helpful!