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"Sonic Generations Fan Game" is a fan game equivalent of the official 20 Year Anniversary game called Sonic Generations.

The fan game is the work of thevaleev, Marvin Valentin, and Gonçalo Lopes. Originally showcased during SAGE 2014 Act II, a two act demo features classic and modern Green Hill Zone, both playable Classic and Modern Sonic, and custom/re-drawn 2D graphics.

Additional credits goes to Nefault1st and WreckingPrograms. Sound assets and music are taken from the original game and belong to SEGA/Sonic Team. Using FMOD Sound System by Firelight Technologies. Controllers are not supported, use Arrow keys for moving/select, Enter for choose the option and A, S, D keys for actions.

See the screenshots below.

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This is a really good looking Sonic fangame. It's fun to play and looks great! There are many issues, however. The game runs at a snail's pace for me, and that might be my laptop so I'll overlook that, but there are some smaller problems like the hitboxes for certain objects not being big enough (I ran past the Goal Ring but didn't finish the stage because the hitbox was too small, and I missed some rings for the same reason), slightly off physics for the characters and enemies being a little uncommon.

The level designs in this game closely emulate those of the 3D game, which I think has some issues. The 3D game's Zones took advantage of the 3D space, and were designed for the 3D space (even the Classic levels) so there's not always much to catch your eye in this form. That's not to say that the game looks bad, quite the opposite: it has stunning pixel art! It's only that the stages, especially the Classic Sonic stages, feel a bit empty. I would suggest tweaking the layouts to add more action while still keeping the idea of the 3D layouts, and possibly adding some unique elements to the background to make different areas more unique.

This is a really good game with even more potential. Keep up the good work!
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It looks good to
I know this is just a WIP, but its cool though. I even got a S Rank on Modern Sonic's Green Hill Zone. I can't play the other zones though.
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how do I play im new
u don know?


Great game man! Can't wait to see the rest of it! But< I think I found a glitch for classic sonic...
More of a 2D Sonic Generations Remix, but the feel is there. It's like a version of Generations that would include Sonic Advance and Rush levels.
i made a save file for it,
it shows that u can play the other levels, but it sends u to Green Hills...

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