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Sonic Chaos - Turquoise Hill Demo

Project Overview

Sonic Chaos

Sonic Chaos is a fan game and re-imagining of the 1993 Sega Game Gear and Master System platform game of the same name. Based on the current style of 2D classic Sonic games inspired by Sonic Mania, Sonic Chaos updates the 8 bit visuals of the original and adapts a play style more closely resembling the classic 16-bit games. The game has been in development for almost an entire year, of which the last 3 months was spent building a brand new engine from scratch. Sonic Chaos uses this new engine, Crimson Engine, and with it we've strived for classic Sonic gameplay accuracy.

Since the initial release, even after only a few hours; we've already gotten tons of feedback and bug reports. We're so glad to see this many people enjoying the demo, and we'd like to make it the best we can!
So even though SAGE has begun, we'll be releasing plenty of updates during the event, stay tuned!

08/25/2018 - Update 1:
- Icon added
- Act 2 Boss refinements
- Fixed Act 2 boss softlocks
- Fixed bug where roll state is kept during act clear on act 2
- Demo now restarts at the titlescreen upon completion instead of closing

08/25/2018 - Update 2:
- Various Collision issues in Act 1 and Act 2 fixed
- Object placement issues in act 2 fixed
- Platforms above a bottomless pit in Act 1 have been changed to stay floating
- Fixed some pathswapping issues in both Acts

08/29/18 - Update 3:
- A frame cap has been implemented!
- Act 2 background has been optimized
- Shield fixes
- Tails gets properly put into spring-mode when he lands on a moto-spring while flying
- A bug where the player turns invisible in an S-Tube has been fixed
- Ring monitors now properly give an extra life upon passing 100 rings
- Falling platforms not being destroyed after going offscreen while falling is fixed
- Object solidity adjustments
- Monitor collision has been adjusted/corrected
- A music crashing bug accidentally introduced in 1.2 has been fixed
- Level layouts have been slightly adjusted to improve play experience and provide better direction

Update 3 will most likely be our last update until the next demo. Thanks to everyone who played! We've got lots of work to do!

Screenshots and media!


A+Start - Project Lead, Lead Designer, and Artist
Mr. Poe - Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Crimson Engine Programmer
TheStoneBanana - Chaos Engine & Gameplay Programmer
Michael Staple - Lead Composer & Musician
Heraga - Lead Level Designer
Jassbec - Level Designer
Tpot - Additional Programming and Assistance

Latest reviews

It's massive massacre :) LOVE THIS DEMO!
But.. 4 years ago and still no other demo or full game? Such a shame!

Mini boss in act 1 was fine, but boss in act 2.. fantastic!
I never play Chaos yet too but in this case i wish for more then 1 zone demo only..

Shall be more in nearly future?? Keep my fingers crossed..

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very impressive, the game is very fluid and very sonic taking elements from almost all older games its very refreshing to play. i am looking forward to seeing more this in the future.
I've played the original Sonic Chaos, and as easy as that game was, I found it incredibly fun and a good game to be one of the first games from the series I played. Unfortunately, I don't think the same about this game.

The level design for the first act of Turquoise Hill is okay at worst. At best, it feels like Sonic 1. Act 2 though... I wasn't sure where to go -- the stage kept forcing me backwards along the path I came, and in other parts it wasn't clear where to go. There aren't a lot of enemies there, either. I nearly received a Time Over before I gave up. The Zone hasn't got any truly memorable sections, which is a shame since I remember a couple of sections from the original, even though it's been years since I last played that game. I would've much preferred a straightforward port of the original's layout. It's been like 20-30 minutes since I played this game and I can only remember the areas of the second Act that I had to run through more than once, and maybe another one or two.

The look of this game is alright. The pixel art is impressive, and the spritework is really skilful, but I never liked the aesthetic of Sonic Mania. Arguably a personal preference, but I feel it didn't do justice to the original game it was based on and simply played on nostalgia for Sonic 2. Sonic Chaos had its own distinctive style, and I feel it would be way better if you remastered or even just touched up on the original's look for the sprites. The landscape and backgrounds are really pretty, although the ground and walls look a little too flat and shiny. The music really fits the Zone, though!

I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, but I really want to see this become the best it can be. I don't intend any hate. I'm excited for any new updates and demos, since Sonic Chaos is a game I love, and I wish you luck with it. Thank you!
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I was so excited to play, but when I went to launch it I realized it's not Mac friendly :(
Unfortunate but I can still watch gameplay :p
I spent over 10 minutes beating act 2 and the timer just froze at 9:99:99 but I didn't get a time over
Although I was in the ending sequence so it might have been intentional
Nice, but how do i configure buttons in the game?? Cause, it's impossible to play on keyboard using arrows to move and Z or X to jump. And yes i have gamepad, but game doesn't see it, cause my gamepad is not from xbox or playstation or something like that. So yeah, anyone can help with changing buttons?
So, is there any way to change buttons on keyboard, like from arrows to W,S,A,D and jump on V and B?
Great demo and I cant wait to see more but I did find one weird glitch nobody seems to have mentioned yet

If you bounce on a motobug that bounces you higher while flying as Tails you go incredibly fast and high into the air (to the point that you basically teleport.) You go so fast that you can partially clip into the ceiling in act 2
This seems like a really awesome project! I found a couple of bugs in Act 1 (haven't played the rest yet) - jumping at the path switch point of loops lets you go right past them (without losing any speed), and there are a few animation issues - I got Sonic to look like he was standing in midair in a loop, and also pushing while moving across the ground. These aren't major issues, however, and the game seems like it'll be really fun when it's finished.
My pc broke so can't play atm! Watched the YouTube vid and looks really good
I found another problem with this game. Just few minutes ago i was recording a gameplay video about this game, to share it on youtube, and when i was playing as Tails, and got to the boss of second act, game freezes first and then crashed without any error message. It just shuts down automatically and that's all. So here you go, another problem to fix for you guys :emoji_relaxed:
Really incredible demo… You obviously put a lot of work into this one! I like the engine, and the graphics and music are simply astoundingly good.

I have a couple of bug reports/recommendations for future releases… If you get the time/resources to make them:

1) the momentum for sonic when is running "regularly" is a little slow. This game felt a lot more "sonic-y" after I got a speed power up. It could use a little bit of tweaking to be a bit faster.

2)The hit box around sonic when he's jumping seems to be too small... For example when going through the small tunnel high up in stage 2 if you're rolling you don't actually collect the rings. You can also see this in item boxes where sonic bounces too far into them because their boxes are little smaller than they should be.

3) please consider removing the "fade out" feature for lost rings. I absolutely hated this addition to sonic mania. It makes it so the player can't gauge when rings are going to disappear, i.e like when they used a blank in the old sonic games.

Like I said before, this is really an awesome demo. Sonic mega mix aside, this is the best fan made sonic game I played yet! I even like it better this than sonic mania in some ways :)
oh and I LOVE the boss music...that audio sample really brings me back to Sonic CD. man, the music and graphics and out of this world.
You'll implement Sonic's Super Peel Out, right?
Since it's in the original game and stuff (maybe the invincibility frame could be used)
This is looking great so far! Sonic does seem a bit slow though when attempting to run up slopes. Also, is the Act 2 boss a reference to the original plot from the Chaos Manual, where the Red Emerald was taken to power Nuclear Weapons and Laser Cannons?
I've come across a bug while playing through the first act and attached a screenshot of the result. I'm not entirely sure why it occurs as I've tried to replicate it and it only appears half of the time. I came across this when attempting to go up through the tunnel while not having significant speed to do so. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
I've come across a bug while playing through the first act and attached a screenshot of the result. I'm not entirely sure why it occurs as I've tried to replicate it and it only appears half of the time. I came across this when attempting to go up through the tunnel while not having significant speed to do so. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
Fixed in the latest update!
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This was amazing! There were a few collision errors, like how in the beginning of Act 2 it'll have you randomly clip through and if you don't do anything and youre at the right speed, you'll zip right through it, but they're minor and don't exactly make the game any less fun. I hope you continue to work on this, it is great, and I'd love to see more of it!
Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but there's straight up missing terrain in some parts of the map, including here by the exit of one of the tube thingies and also just above a set of sideways spikes somewhere in the first level.
So, I first heard about this project back in August, downloaded version 1.2 of the demo, and promptly forgot about it until now. So I finally got around to playing the demo, and version 1.3 and I have to say, overall, amazing work! I did notice a couple issues, overall, though. First are the few areas where Sonic clips through solid ground, which the recent posts before mine have mentioned in detail. Secondly, though, is an issue involving the frame cap implemented in version 1.3 of the demo. While playing version 1.3, I noticed the game did not scroll as smoothly as version 1.2. I use a 75hz monitor and I'm guessing the frame cap hard limits the game to 60, since 60hz is still pretty much the most common display refresh rate. This causes the game to look jittery on my display, as opposed to 1.2 which was buttery smooth.

I don't know how often the dev team reads the comments here, but going forward, PLEASE make the frame cap a toggle-able feature, or a frame cap that matches the current display's refresh rate. While the feature is fine for those using a 60hz display, there are an increasing number of people using higher refresh rate displays (75hz, 144hz, 165hz, etc). Otherwise, great work, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next iteration of the project.
Hi Mr.Potatobadger, how are you getting on with this, any progress updates since August? Is there any where other than here where we can follow development?

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