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Sonic Astral Engine

General Information

Sonic Astral Engine is a open source Modern Sonic framework for GameMaker 8.2.

Q: Can i use this in GameMaker 8.1?
R: Yes and no. Because of how the GameMaker 8.1 event system works, you would need to change some code to make it work with that version of GameMaker and the room editor is just bad. Why would you want to use it?

Q: Can i use it in GameMaker Studio 2?
R: No. You CAN port to GMS 1.4 and then port to GMS2 but that would require many code to be changed.

Q: Do i need programming skills to use it?
R: Drag and Drop or GML is an option, but keep in mind if you use DnD you will be missing a large chunk of features.

Q: Do i need to mention that my project was made using Astral Engine?
R: Since Release V2.0.0, you no longer need to mention "Astral Engine" in any way. Though you could credit DFelipeh/Zasus

Source code
GameMaker 8.2

Removed Features

  • Removed global.player, replaced by global.player[0] != noone
  • Removed PlayerActionTrigger
Implemented Features
  • Underwater shader.
  • Application surface can now take shaders.
  • HomingFlight action after homing into an enemy.
  • Monitors now appear with their icon
Optimizations and Improvements
  • Cleaned legacy code.
  • Actions are now executed in PlayerActionSet script.
  • Actions handle are now execute in their action script (PlayerBoost, PlayerHoming, PlayerStomp...).
  • Improved camera.
  • Code braces are now in the same line as statement.
  • Removed initial indentation.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • animationDirection replaced with xDirection.
  • Renamed various objPlayer variables.
  • Improved NPC code

Source code
Windows .exe
GameMaker 8.2

Removed Features
  • Removed ParActive.
  • Removed balloons, launch sensor, and fling sensor.
  • Removed parHome and replaced it with an improved system in the player’s code, allowing objects to have other parents other than parHome.
  • Removed startup splash screen.
Implemented Features
  • Implemented a more robust deactivation exceptions system (see DeactivateExceptionsAdd and DeactivateExceptionsRemove).
  • PlaySound has been separated into PlaySoundExt and PlayVoice.
  • Methods previously in scrPlayerActionTrigger are now in Action methods (e.g., Jump, Stomp, Homing attack…).
  • Replaced player.action with the method PlayerActionSet. This allows for Exit and Enter states in actions.
  • Added actionTimer.
  • Input is now based on bitflags.
  • AnimationSystem now takes an animation list as a parameter.
  • Added PhysicModeWater and PhysicModeNormal.
  • Added parBody for bodies with xSpeed, ySpeed, and ground states.
  • Changed license to MIT
Optimizations and Improvements
  • Cleaned legacy code.
  • Boost, Reticle, and Waylauncher no longer interfere with multiple players.
  • Collision optimizations have been implemented.
  • Reorganized folder structure for better navigation.
  • User scripts are now in PascalCase and no longer use the scr prefix (e.g., PlayerCollisionTop).
  • Improved overall performance and stability.
  • Renamed Sonic Astral Engine Gaia to Sonic Astral Engine.


Hey dude !
I must say, your engine is incredible !
just one thing, can you write a code to do the "Bounce action" ?
Mine can't work with your engine (of course I tried multiple times, but it still doesn't work)
Sorry for the delay, I didn't know you'd upgraded it.
At the moment I'm still using the base version, but I think it's already a good start.
You can see it there :

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