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SAGE 2023 - Demo Rocket Knight Adventures: Sparkster Reignited

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A reimagined version of the Genesis version of Sparkster that aims to create something new and exciting with its existing ideas and assets.

In this game you control Sparkster, a Rocket Knight who can use his rocket pack to launch himself past and through anything standing in his way. Being a possum additionally grants him the ability to use his tail to cling onto parts of the enviorment. Sadly playing dead remains an unimplemented feature. Perhaps that'll change in the next demo.

Defend the kingdom like the valiant knight you are...or at least like one level of it.

This demo contains a single segment and is released in the hopes of getting feedback to ensure the game is currently on the right track.


Supported Input types:

Keyboard and Xinput pads are currently supported. As of this demo rebinding is not implemented. By the time of the next demo hopefully both that and DirectInput pads will be supported. Thanks for understanding!

Keyboard Inputs:

Left and Right arrow keys: move left and right

Z: Attack

X: Hold to charge up your rocket. Release it when its full to boost.

C: Jump.

Controller Inputs(Assumes you're using an Xbox pad):

Dpad: move left and right

A: Jump

X: Hold to charge up your rocket. Release it when its full to boost.

B: Attack





Features currently missing from the demo:

Pausing. Current implementation causes huge issues with the game and so it has been dummied out for this demo. This is the big one and will absolutely be my focus after this demo.

A proper main and options menu.

As previously mentioned: controller and keyboard rebinding is currently unimplemented.

UI is currently very obviously more of a debug thing than an actual UI.
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