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Power Bomberman 0.7.6c

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The feature-rich tribute to Bomberman. Bomb like you've never bombed before.

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  • Frantic gameplay up to 12 players
  • Battle Mode includes Quick Battle, Local Battle and Online Battle (no setup required - just connect to the main server and have at it)
  • 5 different Battle Mode rules
    • Survival Battle - last man standing wins
    • Reversi Battle - paint as many tiles as you can
    • Dodge Battle - avoid bombs falling from above
    • Hyper Bomber - collect the key items and reach the gate
    • King Battle - snatch the crown and protect it from your opponents
  • Score Mode - a remake of NES Bomberman game, also including an amped-up Turbo mode
  • Plethora of different powerups, along with the lovable Louies (Bomberman equivalent of Yoshi for the uninitiated)
  • Over 600 playable characters from series' entire lifespan, including some Konami guests
  • Over 60 stages, totaling around 500 variants to play on
  • Many different settings, from Revenge Bomber and Sudden Death known from the original games to more in-depth ones like bomb fuse, explosion timing or damage caused by the Pressure Blocks
  • and more!

Latest reviews

I was late to the party last year but I played this game for a good 5 hours with my friend when we first got into it. We were looking to play bomberman online through steam but we were required to buy it in order to just play with our friends, something you'd figure would be a basic feature. I'm sure the devs don't want me talking about all the great things this fan game has over the offiical games, so instead I'll just say that the game speaks for itself.
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I told my friends before we tried it out, and I am saying it again: This Is the best Bomberman fan game experience for multiplayer!


What does the Konami code do?? I input it on the title screen, heard a jingle, but nothing seems to happen... Is it just a nod?

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