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Power Bomberman

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The feature-rich tribute to Bomberman.

NOTE: For the most up-to-date download, refer to BombermanBoard forum thread. Mirrors for the 0.7.5c version here:

  • Frantic gameplay up to 12 players
  • Battle Mode includes Quick Battle, Local Battle and Online Battle (no port forwarding required - just connect to the main server and have at it)
  • 5 different Battle Mode rules
    • Survival Battle - last man standing wins
    • Reversi Battle - paint as many tiles as you can
    • Dodge Battle - avoid bombs falling from above
    • Hyper Bomber - collect key items and reach the gate
    • King Battle - get the crown, keep the crown
  • Score Mode - a remake of NES Bomberman game, also including an amped-up Turbo mode
  • Plethora of different items, many of which you already know and love, some never seen before (if you're not into it though, worry not - you can turn them off)
  • Over 350 playable characters from series' entire lifespan, including some Konami guests
  • Over 40 stages, totaling nearly 300 variants to play on
  • Many different settings, from Revenge Bomber and Sudden Death known from the original games to more in-depth ones like bomb fuse, explosion timing or damage caused by the Pressure Blocks
  • and more!


the best bomberman game I've ever played, it takes everything good from every game. there is a lot of talent behind that game.
I hope the same thing happens with Sonic Mania, this game is too good to be free. And in case Konami don't see the good work you do. open a patreon so that fans who do not know programs can support. sorry for my english, greetings from mexico.

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