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Unity Hedge physics revival, Knuckles and pumpkin hill demo

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This is for the most part the same as the sage 2020 demo. there are some differences/additions to this demo from the last.

1. New character

I've added knuckles as a playable character complete with his glide and his climb

2. New stage

The long awaited pumpkin hill has been added as a stage for this demo.
this is mostly due to Knuckleschannel3&knuckles completing a challenge I left for him in the sage 2020 demo.


there were also a couple of small changes
- Added some blocks in tutorial zone so the dash panel doesn't fling you off the map
- Tails can now fly from a freefall state
- Tails's flight sound no longer plays during his tired state
- Tails's flight sound no longer overlaps when transitioning into another action(Including flying itself which was very annoying)
- Updated hub to include pumpkin hill
- player camera no longer faces the wrong way when starting tutorial zone


I appreciate the addition of Tails and Knuckles, but sadly that's where the positives end. I won't be making insults against the creator here, but I will explain that this is broken in many, many regards.

First, issues returning from older versions: Enemies, rings, and monitors don't respawn after death, and roll attack and spin dash are needlessly mapped to different buttons. That might be okay had their usage been more varied, but since you can't roll unless moving and can't spin dash unless standing still, having different buttons truly feels pointless. I also am befudded by how "Mania Sonic" not only isn't quite Classic Sonic; he's the low-poly special stage version, but his portrait is Classic Sonic. The vast majority of time in Sonic Mania, it's Sonic was a fully detailed 2D Sonic looking mostly like Classic Sonic in official art and renders, except as a sprite.

Now what seem like new issues. When characters hit walls they can't run up, they don't stop moving but rather shoot off in another direction. This is a big problem in levels like Green Valley (more on that later), since not only do they collide with walls but on the sides of those walls are ledges over pits. I have noticed that Knuckles' drill dive doesn't seem to function as an attack. Also, is SA2 Sonic just Modern Sonic but without boost? If so, he should be changed to have at least one advantage.

Now definite new issues: It's possible to go over the walls in the hub world and then fall off, and the character doesn't even die; just keeps falling until the player quits. Meanwhile, Green Valley, to put it bluntly, is bad in almost every aspect. Starting with the boost pad at the start; it's way too powerful. All it takes is a tiny input to make the character veer off course and off a cliff, but even assuming the character goes up the curve and up the wall correctly, the pad launches him or her far up into the air; a needless speed-depleting feature. The loop that follows is quite pointless and it's so easy to lose speed due to that air period that it's better just to jump down to the track below. The vertical wall there, right by the light dash trail, is one of those major places where hitting a wall can lead to involuntary speeding off course and often off cliffs, and right after the trail is another. Those beetle robots intended as step stones after that seem like they were placed on the assumption that I'd be playing as Modern Sonic, as with slower characters I couldn't reach them. Also it seems like the spring before has to be hit from the correct angle or it won't even send the player in the right path, and since that hit comes off of another boost pad, it's really faulty. The truth about boost pads is that they're supposed to force characters in a direction; in games where characters can still steer off of them, they just cause problems. The worst thing about this level is that several times on respawning from a checkpoint, the character immediately fell off a cliff!

Also, while this is a technicality, if this is in the Frameworks section, shouldn't the download include a Unity project?
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