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This is hedge physics revival
a framework based on bumper engine with the original intention to
bring back hedge physics based frameworks to later versions of unity
that grew into a full on rework of the bumper engine

It all started when I added the boost

It very quickly evolved into much more


New Item boxes

New Characters

New visual changes

And much more​


Note: I have made so many changes from last year it's possible that I missed a few changes, regardless here's the changelog of what I have changed about this demo compared to last year

General changes
-new title screen
-altered sonic's character animator
-added homing animations
-added new item boxes
-added post processing effects
-dynamic camera zoom no longer restricted to ground movement
-added water and water physics
-added back intro zone's terrain
-re-ripped character mods(begin crediting mod creators)
-reanimated sa2 sonic
-Finalized double jump... sorta
-dynamic footstep sounds... sorta
-the hub world got a bit of a redesign so it now better highlights the levels you go to
-added Tutorial Zone
-fixed issue where textures wouldn't show on demo zone
-added tails

character specific changes
-sonic has a double jump to make up for lack of stomp
-blaze and amy have a double jump
-shadow now has super form
-sonic can now enter half sleeping idle
-espio no longer makes footstep noises(not at all because i was lazy)
-everyone has their grinding animation now
-silver is still slo as fuck


Lake Fepperd-original hedge physics framework
SuperSonic68-original bumper engine framework
Not so Greedy-New ground sticking function and rail scripts
sonicjason255(me)-everything else
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When I play, I feel that the levels are empty, I love the rest


I understand that this is a framework but I do wish the levels fit the physics a bit more. SA2 sonic (which prolly has bumpers's OG physics) feel very underwhelming and weak to play as and modern on the other hand is way too OP lol
Is there a way to reduce the window size ? And if there isn't, can you add a way to do so ? Because my PC lags a little bit in fullscreen.

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