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Cosmic Boll

Project Overview

This is a 2018 archival build of the game so go look on the page for the latest one. Just warning you since this page shows up on the first results page on Google.

Cosmic Boll is a remake-sequel to Bolinha, a game I made 12 years ago. It is a fast-paced beat 'em up in the vein of Dragon Ball Advance Adventure and action games developed by Treasure. This prototype features the first stage.

Left/Right Arrows: Movement
Down Arrow: Block/Parry/Roll
A: Jump/Dash-dodge
S: Normal attacks
D: Blow-away specials
Down+S: Use item
Down+D: Swap Cores

-Dash-dodge or Dive Kick into a roll to boost.
-Dashes are invincible.
-You can block and parry in mid-air.
-Roll into enemies and then jump to lift them for massive damage.
-Red/Pink enemies can't be stunned and are more powerful. Beware.
-Large enemies also deal more damage and can push Bolinha around. page:

Screenshots and media!



Developed in Sonic Worlds Delta 1.5.2. Base enemy A.I. from Simple Sonic Worlds.

Latest reviews

Right from the moment I started it up I asked... Sonic sounds in an original game? and then I got to see the Streets of rage/Sonic/Kirby gameplay style and omfg I love it! It's my favorite game this SAGE however I got 2 flaws I wanna point out.

The jumpdash is TOO OP! But it's not breaking the game in anyway just makes it more fun to go through.

I wish there wasn't any stuff that came from Sonic World. Because I really thought it was out of place.

Other then that I loved this game and want more people to take a look at it!
The combos are insane, especially on big enemies.


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