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Cosmic Boll

Project Overview

Cosmic Boll is a remake-sequel to Bolinha, a game I made 12 years ago. It is a fast-paced beat 'em up in the vein of Dragon Ball Advance Adventure and action games developed by Treasure. This prototype features the first stage.

Left/Right Arrows: Movement
Down Arrow: Block/Parry/Roll
A: Jump/Dash-dodge
S: Normal attacks
D: Blow-away specials
Down+S: Use item
Down+D: Swap Cores

-Dash-dodge or Dive Kick into a roll to boost.
-Dashes are invincible.
-You can block and parry in mid-air.
-Roll into enemies and then jump to lift them for massive damage.
-Red/Pink enemies can't be stunned and are more powerful. Beware.
-Large enemies also deal more damage and can push Bolinha around. page:

Screenshots and media!



Developed in Sonic Worlds Delta 1.5.2. Base enemy A.I. from Simple Sonic Worlds.
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Latest reviews

Right from the moment I started it up I asked... Sonic sounds in an original game? and then I got to see the Streets of rage/Sonic/Kirby gameplay style and omfg I love it! It's my favorite game this SAGE however I got 2 flaws I wanna point out.

The jumpdash is TOO OP! But it's not breaking the game in anyway just makes it more fun to go through.

I wish there wasn't any stuff that came from Sonic World. Because I really thought it was out of place.

Other then that I loved this game and want more people to take a look at it!
The combos are insane, especially on big enemies.


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