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SAGE 2023 - Demo COPOROB (SAGE '23 Demo)

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A game about a police robot in a world operating on a mixture of action movie tropes and sheer stupidity.


COPOROB! A cop who is also a robot! Or perhaps a robot who is also a cop? Whichever the case, it's the latest technological wonder of crime-fighting science, ready for duty and already deployed in the streets of SuperUltraPolis to fight the dastardly Rulers of Anarchy gang terrorizing the city!

CoporobThat's you!
DonutEat them to restore health! (You may be a robot, but you're still a cop too!)
Police badgeGotta collect 'em all!
CheckpointWhen it shows a blue arrow, it's safe to proceed
SpikesNo touchy
SkelenatorA nasty little fellow who likes to shoot his blaster in your face. Fortunately, he's a few circuits short of a CPU.
?????What's this?


Down/S + ZFall through platform
EscPause menu

Latest reviews

It was a very short game but I thought it was decently fun, the gameplay was perfectly solid and the graphics are pleasant. Of course the game is fairly simple and it has many flaws, like enemies shooting offscreen, making some cheap deaths or how the crouch is practically useless since I still get hurt when I crouch.
But overall I think it's a decent playing experience, I'd give it 3 stars for the lack of substance since there is only one type of enemy and only does one thing, so I guess that's a thing to improve, but DANG that soundtrack is so good it makes me give it one star more.
I'd buy it for a dollar!
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Hey, thanks for the feedback!
Love the graphics! The colors are really pretty and I like the simple animations overall. The gameplay is simple but works well, even though the throwback is really, really strong when you get hit by an enemy ^^

I liked the small stage, but I would argue the enemies take too many hits to die, on top of shooting you while being totally off-screen which feels kinda unfair. I also feel the boss could move around the arena to make the fight a little more interesting than "duck-jump-shoot once-repeat". Overall a pleasant demo, keep it up!
Thank you very much for playing the demo and for the feedback! :D
I also feel the boss could move around the arena to make the fight a little more interesting
That was actually exactly the idea originally, I even had the moving animation ready, but ran out of time to implement it x)
I'm now working on a more robust enemy controller to allow for more complex enemy behavior!


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