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Project Butterfly [SAGE 2020 DEMO OST]


maker of tunes
Oct 18, 2020
Linz, Austria
Hey y'all, it's Tudd on the mic. This year I made tunes for a fun indie game project that was shown at SAGE: Project Butterfly - "A speedy explorative platformer about bugs sprayin' up town."

I wrote the soundtrack in just a month, inspired by JSR and Ape Escape. Check it out if you wanna, maybe even lemme know what ya think about it :p since it isn't a Sonic fan game, I feel it somewhat went under the radar.

Had a lot of fun in particular with the Jungle inspired songs "Data Dimension" for the save room and "Let the Bass Kick" for the challenge stages. The miniboss theme "Get Down!!" was written in the last day before the SAGE deadline, in a huge crunch lol. That said, I'm super happy with how it all came out.

Samples and VSTs used, for the nerds:
  • X-Static Goldmine
  • Best Service Gigapack 1&2
  • Skip to my Loops
  • Zero-G Jungle Warfare & Jungle Frenzy
  • Roland JV-1080
  • Korg Triton
  • Korg M1
  • Omnisphere + Trilian
  • NI FM8
All the best~
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