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  1. Kurosawa Aoi

    Fan Game Project After: Shadow Theory

    After falling from the Ark space colony, Shadow finds himself in a strange place. World is different, he feeling his...past? - Where am i, why robots everywhere, and, who this is fox guy? Trailer Autor/developer - Kurosawa Aoi(VK) / Youtube / Itch Сutscenes/cover artist - AUBIE X (VK)...
  2. ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2021)

    ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2021)

    "ZuPs! - Snow in Summer" SAGE 2021 update available in: English, German, Italian, Spanish (lat. american), Braz. Protuguese and Dutch! WARNING FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS: If the game runs slow please turn on "compatibility mode" and set it to "Windows 7"!! 25.08.2021: "Final" version released...
  3. Tudd

    Project Butterfly [SAGE 2020 DEMO OST]

    Hey y'all, it's Tudd on the mic. This year I made tunes for a fun indie game project that was shown at SAGE: Project Butterfly - "A speedy explorative platformer about bugs sprayin' up town." I wrote the soundtrack in just a month, inspired by JSR and Ape Escape. Check it out if you wanna...
  4. Sonic Powered Up

    Sonic Powered Up

    Sonic Powered Up, Is made by me by myself. So far, it is rough around the edges and in very much need of work. I started this project years ago and the current demo is a reflection of my progress so far. Only one act is available for play in this demo. Gameplay I envisioned the gameplay to be...
  5. Sonic EXP

    Sonic EXP

    Sonic EXP Sonic EXP is a fan game made for fun and experience. It is based on the Motobug engine, an engine I built entirely with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript which has been in development off-and-on since 2017. The game itself initially began earlier this year to guide the development of both...