1. Star Man 2: Reupgraded

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Star Man 2: Reupgraded

    Star Man 2 is a sequel to Blyka's Star Man, a game in which the player controls Mega Man 5 boss Star Man. Star Man is tasked with fighting against the Stardroids from Mega Man V on the Game Boy, equipped with his iconic Star Crash. The game is similar to a Mega Man title, although Star Man's...
  2. MegaMan Super Charged - pitch demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo MegaMan Super Charged - pitch demo

    Ever wandered what megaman would have been like if it receiving the castle vania 4 treatment on the super nintendo? Megaman Super Charged aims to answer that! this is a project me and Zedicon have been working on in private together. My role has been the head programmer, making the game in...
  3. YoannUlrichNdri

    Megaman Series Robot Master concepts art

    hi , I'm Yoann I'm trying interrest by the robot master from the rockman series but i wonder what the robot master like earlier so i have some art by capcom Chill Man Commando Man Solar Man Sheep Man Art by Capcom
  4. Mega Man Y+1 - SAGE2020 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Mega Man Y+1 - SAGE2020 Demo

    Take control of Mega Man as you set out to take down 8 (three) rebelling Robot Masters to save the world! With each Robot Master you beat, you get a new Special Weapon to help you on your journey! It's just like Sonic, but with less momentum and more frustration! Featuring: - 3 (three) (4-1)...
  5. Megaman Legends 1.5 (Prototype Demo)

    Megaman Legends 1.5 (Prototype Demo)

    Megaman and Roll have picked up abnormally strong refractor signals deep below Merida Island. Join them as they uncover the mystery underneath this bustling town! CLICK HERE TO GET THE GAME ON GAMEJOLT
  6. Megaman X and Zero: Training Missions (Prototype Demo)

    Megaman X and Zero: Training Missions (Prototype Demo)

    In the time between Megaman X3 and X4, witness the grueling training that prepare X and Zero for the next Maverick outbreak! CLICK HERE TO GET THE GAME ON GAMEJOLT
  7. MegaMan Star Force EndWave

    MegaMan Star Force EndWave

    Take control of the human Geo Stelar and the alien Omega-Xis as they fuse together to become the interstellar warrior known as MegaMan! Use a wide variety of specialized attacks, called Battle Cards, to take down powerful opponents in this fast-paced, grid-based action RPG! This is a Mega Man...
  8. Megaman Makeshift

    Megaman Makeshift

    In the year 200X, Dr. Light built a super robot named Megaman. Megaman then went on to fight Dr. Wily several times, saving the world. HOWEVER, while he was off doing world-saving stuff Wily's forces still were attacking cities, causing untold chaos, property damage, and all around grief. Even...
  9. Phantom Gear

    Phantom Gear

    -----===== Overview =====----- Phantom Gear is a new original game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive in development (made in Assembly) by Bits Rule. It's a side-scrolling platform game that mixes old school arcade action gameplay with some modern improvements. Our goal is for players to have a...
  10. MegaMan Adventure

    MegaMan Adventure

    Megaman awakens on a mysterious island with bizarre robots. Now, he must fight his way to the teleporter beacon and get home! The first submission by myself, ZackXevious, a would-be game developer. There was originally a lot more here, but situations arose that kept me from getting those parts...
  11. Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl is a mod I started a while back for OpenBOR where I can work on new ideas I have and even older demos I started all in one place. -The first 3 stages from the menu are mostly random and just for people to play on. Demo1 specifically was based on the flash movie, VG Exiles...