1. Toblerone

    Fan Game Sonic: How It Really Began

    UPDATE 2 (24/04/2020): Changed a large portion of the zones. UPDATE (24/04/2020): Changed a zone. UPDATE (23/04/2020): Updated the plot a bit. You guys may remember this and the messages I've posted on the Discord server about a fangame named Sonic and Mighty. Well, Sonic: Before the Mania was...
  2. Project Expeditive

    Fan Game Sonic Expeditive

    Team Gallant presents… Sonic Expeditive! Sonic Expeditive (ソニック ヘイスト: Sonic Haste) is a fangame made by the folks over at Team Gallant, currently being developed in the CORE Framework for Clickteam Fusion 2.5+, which events take place after Sonic Mania. Plot: After Eggman's defeat in Sonic...
  3. Teabat! - SAGE 2019 DEMO

    Teabat! - SAGE 2019 DEMO

    YOU ARE VIEWING AN OLDER VERSION OF THIS PROJECT! This project has been updated, this is an old version featured in SAGE 2019, for the newer and future updates click here. A little bat who is sworn to protect his forest of tea is awoken by a strange invasion of spooks! Flutter around a big...
  4. Sonic Freedom Forces

    Sonic Freedom Forces

    CURRENT FEATURES: - 3 LEVELS - Tropical Track - Fleeting Fortress - Glowy Jungle - Tropical Track Boss Tropical Track is a unique take on the classic first level of each zone, with a vibrant contrasting color palette, and high potential for fast finish times. Fleeting Fortress is a...
  5. Starturbo

    Game Superstar Technic

    Superstar Technic is a game I'm making in GameMaker: Studio, inspired by several classics. It's still very early in development, to the point where the first level is unfinished and unbeatable. However, I've already made a lot of material for the game, and it has changed greatly over the past...
  6. DTheHedgehog

    Fan Game Sonic: Codename BACKSTREET

    Well, to be formal- I'm D The Hedgehog. I'm very active in a lot of places. If you remember Sonic Adventure 2 Title Prompts, I'm the guy who runs it. Since August of 2018, I've been working with Bumper Engine to create a fangame that breaks rules and boundaries of what the main fanbase seems to...
  7. Rocket Brown 2

    Rocket Brown 2

    Rocket Brown is my mascot video game series that I made to pay homage to retro gaming through the lens of urban/African-American culture. Rocket Brown follows the adventure of an 80's nerd that becomes a street fighter who defends his community from various existential threats. His main enemy...
  8. Sonic All-Stars

    Sonic All-Stars

    Please have the competence to give the text files in the folder a quick read before playing, they hold valuable information, are there for a reason and will answer most of your problems. If you encounter any sort of bug, i ask that you do not assume the entire game is like that, simply...
  9. Grand Dad Mania Revived

    Grand Dad Mania Revived

    DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit parody game developed by a group of dedicated fans. The development team has no affiliation with SiIvaGunner or any of the copyrighted material's owners. The game is currently unfinished and will improve in the future. It also has nothing to do with the previous...
  10. Sonic and the Mayhem Master

    Sonic and the Mayhem Master

    THIS GAME IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS This build may be a bit unstable. It is also VERY SHORT. This is just the second half of the test phase. Sonic and the Mayhem Master is a fanmade RPG game that is based on the Sonic Storybook series. The game offers a new look that fits to the aesthetic of the...
  11. BlueSpeedster

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Coming December 7th on the Nintendo Switch

    March 8th, Nintendo give everyone the biggest shock that the world ever knew (but it was rumoured so...) A new Super Smash Bros. game will contain the Inklings from Splatoon and the return of Mario and Link (Breath of the Wild) Then E3 came around and stuff like this was now a reality: EVERYONE...
  12. Hello

    Fan Game The Shroom Project

    The zombie apocalypse is nigh! The world is in utter chaos, and death is commonplace. A malicious group is responsible for all of this destruction, and is busy at work on a dark scheme known as The Shroom Project. Play as one of two characters, join a rag tag team known as The Resistance, and...
  13. Lloyd the Monkey

    Lloyd the Monkey

    After a year of development, Lloyd the Monkey is finally complete and available for SAGE in its entirety. The completed game consists of 12 levels, 2 Special Stages and a complete story. As a HTML5 game, it will run in any reasonably equipped web browser and can be modded for enhanced enjoyment.
  14. SONIC ZONES "UDK Game"


    This is a 3D game made with the Unreal Development Kit and dedicated by long time. There are 3D sections + some 2D sections. Download Link:
  15. Arkenova

    Game DragonBlossom: The Return

    Wow, it's been a long time but DragonBlossom has returned back home from when it first started in SFGHQ back several years ago as a Freedom Planet 'clone'. After years of development, I had essentially flipped the tables inside and out to make this game work out as its own identity. While yes...
  16. Starturbo

    Game Roblet Land

    Roblet Land is a 2D robotic pet simulator. It's currently heavily inspired by the Chao Gardens from the Sonic Adventure/Advance games, though the goal is to make it unique as well. Keep in mind, this game is a heavy work in progress, so the images and video here do NOT represent the final game...