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Virtua Sonic is a virtual reality experience where you become the iconic hedgehog, traversing original Zones, defeating enemies, collecting rings and, of course, using the terrain to your advantage to achieve high speeds.

Virtua Sonic features an all-new story, sure to tickle long-time fans of the series.

his project's goal is to push the boundaries of what sorts of experiences are capable in virtual reality, showcasing the potential of the medium as it pertains to high-speed action games.

This experience is compatible with all SteamVR-compatible headsets:
  • HTC Vive
  • Vive Cosmos
  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Oculus Quest (Through Oculus Link only)
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Pico Neo 2 (Through Streaming Assistant only)
System Requirements:
  • Windows 7/10 PC
  • GTX 1070 or equivalent GPU
  • Core i5-4690 or equivalent CPU
  • 8 GB RAM



UPDATE 0.0: Stay tuned for the actual upload, appearing some time between now and the SAGE Expo!
UPDATE 0.9: Initial upload complete! This build features:
  • The opening cut-scene
  • The tutorial level, Violet Vista Zone
  • The Time Attack mode for Violet Vista Zone.
UPDATE 1.0: The complete experience is now uploaded! Enjoy!
  • Updated Main Menu to include an Exit button, positioned behind the player.
  • Updated Violet Vista Zone tutorials to be more obvious, reducing likelihood of players missing important information.
  • Included tutorial for activating the Pause menu
  • Changed Oculus Touch controls to place the Pause button on the Y and B buttons.
  • Boss's goal is now easier to reach once the boss is defeated.
  • Fixed a bug where the Boss's track will not loop properly if the player jumps into the trigger.
  • Added the Camera Flip ability, allowing users to flip their view 180 degrees. This will assist in mitigating orientation issues
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Adjusted Camera Turn to now turn 30 degrees each time
  • Adjusted Camera Turn to no longer fade to black
  • Adjusted mid-level cutscene in Sakura Sanctuary
  • Added an extra wall in Sakura Sanctuary to keep players from back-tracking into a secret area by accident and getting confused.
  • Added extra platform in Violet Vista's jumping tutorial to make each jump lower, reducing difficulty
  • Fixed a bug with the Zone Complete results' score counter



Danny Coyle (SuperSonic68)

Danny Coyle (SuperSonic68)

Level Design
Danny Coyle (SuperSonic68)

Sonic GT Code Base
Gabriel (NotSoGreedy)

HedgePhysics Code Base
Felipe Ribeiro Daneluz (LakeFeperd)

Beta Testing
Timothy Taylor
Max Henderson (LandyRS)

3D Asset Modeling

Gabriel (NotSoGreedy)
Danny Coyle (SuperSonic68)
Other assets purchased and obtained through the Unity Asset Store


Written by
Danny Coyle (SuperSonic68)

Timothy Taylor

Voice Actor Talent

Sonic the Hedgehog
Max Henderson (LandyRS)

Miles "Tails" Prower
Skylar Autobee

Cream the Rabbit
Skylar Autobee

Doctor Eggman
Zach Meyer (DonkeyDude)


works great, and i apreciate what you are going for here, but any chance of other control schemes? like one that utilises the joysticks on controlers for seated play or people without much space.
I've created an account just to comment this fan game ...

because it's AMAZING !

The control are great and easy to use.

The level design is super cool.

Sonic in VR is kind of weird when we say it ... but when we play Sonic in VR it's sooo cool.

The little story was great too ! i felt implicated in the story. i was even miming sonic movement when it talks to tails,cream and eggman !

A really cool experience. i will link this game to my friends they have to play it !

I hope one day we will have more levels or something new to this.
And i hope my english is not broken (french guy here)

And Thank you for this amazing fan game !
the HTC vive controls are extremely hard to control could you update it to where you could change in the settings if you want the original controls and or the the new and easier
First-person Sonic sounds like a blast, but I'd love to play it using real controls instead of forking out $700 for Wii Waggle 2.22
On behalf of the VR community and specifically my own, thank you very much for this experience, I loved it. The only downside is that I think it would be more accessible if it could also be played with a normal controller. If you make a complete game, without a doubt, I will buy it. Thank you very much again.
Just tried it with wireless with virtual desktop on Quest 2, and it works great. I just had to klick the exe and it ran perfectly.
I could use some help with the controls. I'm playing on an index - crossing my arms doesn't initiate a roll. Tried it over and over for about 10 minutes but never rolled down the hill in the tutorial. Is it a very specific angle or something. Also the dash part when you hold the triggers, that works, but it doesn't get enough speed to get high enough to go through the rings in the tutorial. Is there a button combination I need to do after releasing the triggers?

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