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SAGE 2023 - Demo Super Mario Star Scramble DX

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Do you remember a Mario flash game where you have to collect stars that are actually shunshine ?, well this is Super Mario Star Scramble DX.
Super Mario Star Scramble DX is the remake of this classic fan game flash from the mid 2000s .Compared to the original game, this has improvements in physics as well as graphics but maintaining its original essence.

The demo contains the 9 levels of the original title






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This one was p good, I admire the intention of people preserving or remaking flash games so they don't get lost on the sands of time.
By merit alone the gameplay is very good and I found it entertaining and the spritework being quite smooth, I never played the og one but if this was a flash game once then I'd say it is indeed impressive they put this much effort on it and the level design is decent.
I only give it a good score tho, because it doesn't have much substance since it's only platforming, but there were some unique levels like the tetris one or the bowser castle, if I had the fire flower or maybe boss fights would be fun. I guess this is only being loyal to the source material but probably going beyond would make the game even better.
On the technical aspect, there's the fact the controller doesn't work well, so I was forced to use keyboard, pressing jump on the controller didn't work, didn't make me jump higher, so I had to actually use my keyboard to complete the game, also IIRC the crouch in the controller didn't work either.

As it stands now tho, it is a really good game, good job.
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(Left this as a reply at first)
(I like the look of the game, but the controls and level design need some work)

The game was decent. I love how the game looks but the control does need some work. I feel mario moves weirdly. He's a little too fast when walking, can't control jump height, when I pressed down on my controller he couldn't crouch but on keyboard he could, you stop moving for a sec on note blocks (mainly a problem for 1 level that requires you to bounce above a block to get a collectible) , and can't bounce high on enemies. Some of the levels I didn't like either. There was one where you had spike balls bouncing on the note blocks and another where you had to jump to the side of a block and on a block for the purple collectible. It just made me want to get the shines and move on to the next level

I can see this game becoming really good if you improve on the level design and controls. The levels are basic but I see lots of potential for them. The castle level was actually pretty decent for example because I wasn't having to balance myself on one block like the other tough parts of the game. Anyways, I just want you to know that you did a good job, it's just that there is a few problems that's all. Good luck working on this.
(Left this as a reply before oops) Controls service the level design really well. I love the arcadey feel it all has. Spritework is amazing, reminiscent of Flashback which is a plus in my book. The Treasure Tracker-esque menu got a good chuckle out of me. I look forward to 100%'ing it, although I noticed some enemy collision issues which are pretty punishing given that Mario can only take one hit before dying. Specifically, kicking Buzzy Beetles from the right side did appear to result in a swift demise.

Regardless, it's always nice to see an older fangame get a new coat of paint even if I'm not super familiar with the source material. I believe the internet needs more remakes like this to keep these games alive.
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Cloud team games
fun fact in the original game kicking Buzzy Beetles literally kills you XDDDDD


is there a way to play it fullscreen? can't get it even with alt+enter nor f11. tried borderless gaming but no luck. really don't want to play on small screen

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