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Demo Sonic Titan V+


Sonic Titan is back with an update ! Say hello to Sonic Titan V+ !


Major update:

For those who don't know about this project, Sonic Titan V+ is an update to Sonic T.I.T.A.N. It's a 3d and Open World fangame heavily inspired by Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Titan V+ is using the Velocity+ Engine now ! The Open World has been updated and is now even bigger !


The Open World has been reworked a bit and polished even more. You can once again find Rainbow Rings and Chaos Emeralds throughout your journey !
A display for Rainbow Rings has been added and they are saved when you come back to the Open World after a level !
The Open World has a beach, forest/hill, mountain and snowy area that you can explore. The graphics have been updated and you can admire the beauty of those landscapes with a complete day/night cycle !



Once you enter a beam and fly in the sky, you enter one of the three levels in the game.


Azure Coast is a nice and easy level that everyone can enjoy. The multiple branching paths will help you to find what's your favorite route in the level ( or the fastest one ! ).


Deep Forest is an harder level in which platforming skills and momentum are a key element to win. Go fast, but know what you're doing !


Mountain Peak is a shorter and more platforming focused level in which you can feel the joy of running around the peak of mountains and ice skate on certain sections !


And you know what's peak in this update ? That's right, customization !
You can now choose three style of running animations, shoes, jumpball, clothing colors and put Chip's bracelet or the Rider Glasses on !


If you want more info or download the demo, go check the Gamejolt page !


The game is using the Velocity+ Engine made by TheFizzWizz and the V+ Team.
Sonic Titan V+ Dev : Cha_Sw

Latest reviews

Man you shoould keep going this demo is fire . sonic controller feel good maybe sometime the gamera is a little oversensitive
. the level design is really good it s not just a hold left to win .
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Huh. Yeah, Sonic feels a lot better now I think. Or just some tweaks were done. The spindash feels better as well as Sonic's overall speed in the world. Stages don't feel quite as awkward I feel.

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