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Sonic Speed Course

Project Overview

Ever wanted to play Kirby's dream course but with Sonic the hedgehog?

This is a small demo I created in less then 10 days for SAGE 2019 and presents a small showcase of what base game could be in future releases with a world made exclusively for this SAGE.
I do plan on working on this further along the line (giving myself some room to breathe this time of course) and hopefully I'll be able to showcase more next SAGE.

with all that said enjoy up to 10 levels of this mini golf adventure with Sonic the hedgehog!

2019 DEMO DOWNLOAD (click here)

32bit version here

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

Artwork by IYamWhatIAm

Motobug model by Cookie


Sharb/Renhoek - Programing, some art and texturing, Modeling
Cookie - Modeler
iYamWhatIYam - cover art
Tiniest turtles - Sonic R Jump orb texture

special thanks to my friends and followers for the constant support and love.


THIS GAME IS TROLLING ME, i can't get past one of the levels, you have to be perfect as well.

ALSO this ist a speed course. its sonic golf......

why u troll me :(

I like everything except for level design

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