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Sonic Smash Revived

Average User Rating:
  • This page contains the only remaining file, this is cancelled from this point.


    Is a fangame centered around a Smash Brothers-like engine designed to make sonic characters beat the tar out of each other until one gets knocked off the stage.
    It contains a variety of characters and stages, with more to come in the future.

    This page contains the only remaining file, this is cancelled from this point.

  • The footage shown here is not the final product.
  • Current Game Modes:
    -Local VS
    -Super Mode

    Downloading Parsec is recommended to play online with friends before online play has a chance to be added as a feature.
    Current Characters:
    -Metal Sonic

    Current Super Mode Characters:
    -Super Sonic
    -Super Shadow

    Current Stages:
    -Green Hill Zone
    -Aquatic Ruin Zone
    -Poloy Forest
  • Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
    All programming done by me.
    Music and sprites from various sources. (Please read the in-game credits page.)

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Recent User Reviews

  1. TheSonicbandicootX
    I liked the Sonic Smash Bros vibes on this.

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  1. AlphaStunna
    For some reason, Google Chrome is thinking the game is a virus. Now I can't play the game.