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''Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.''

Welcome to the world of Sonic Relighted:

Sonic Relighted is a 3D FanGame inspired on the classic: Sonic 3D Blast.
The visuals and the gameplay keeps element of boths eras: Classic and Modern, giving you a trip to the past and future.

You will play as Sonic:

Sonic was flying on Tornado when a strong Snow Storm attack Sonic, forcing him to land on Snow Valley. A cold place where you need to find your way to get out.

Your real mission is to deactivate the devices, they're trouble.

Cold Water, Snow, Shields, Enemies. Lots of obstacles and objects around.
And if you have time, relax and enjoy the beautiful graphics.
We wanted to give you a great performance with low power. So don't be afraid to try it.




Also, take a look to the official trailer if you want:

Sounds great? Cool!
We can't wait to tell you more of this project, but we still working very hard on it. So, please enjoy this DEMO.
Remember that your feedback will be great for us, in any case, keep in mind that this is a early Pre-Alpha Demo.
That means we have a lot of changes to make to the game, so please do not expect a lot of it right now.

Available on: Windows, Linux & Android.

We added support for Keyboard and Controls. So play it as you like.
(Be sure to extract all the archives inside the rar in order to play it)

Now is your time to play!
Download the game and have fun!

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me encanta este fan game , me recuerda a mi infancia jugando al sonic 3d blast , me emocionaria si lo acabases , saludos a sergi .
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Arms The Fox
Arms The Fox
Look very cool I'll try it out!


Hey! Post about this on the Godot Discord! Also, if you guys post on Twitter, use the #GodotEngine tag there, lets people know about the engine.
the game is pretty good but the camera needs work it feels very weird and acationaly Sonic would faze though the ground.

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