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Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)

Project Overview

"Sonic - Project Hero" is a 3D Sonic Fan Game & custom, CLOSED SOURCE Framework, made for the Unity Game Engine and developed by me, Hero.
"Sonic - Project Hero" aims to launch Sonic, Tails & Knuckles into, simply, a fun 3 dimensional adventure through various locales, to stop Dr. Eggman's new scheme.
The game aims to introduce new and unique mechanics and mix-n'-match existing ones from the Sonic series, in order to create a fresh experience that'll hopefully be fun to go through!


Screenshots and media!

------------2019 DEMO (Oct. 4th, 2019)--------------

To celebrate and honor the 2019 edition of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (aka SAGE), "Sonic - Project Hero" is out to the public for the first time with a short, but relatively content-heavy Demo!

Get it HERE!
Mac Version
(Also available through the sidebar)

For more information about SAGE, check out this video by Expansion Pack!

Bonus Content

For social media, check out my YT Channel!

Discord Server:
--- UPDATE SEP. 2023 ---
The Sonic Project Hero Discord Server has been archived.
This link should be here for a while, if you want to take a look anyway.


HUGE thanks to everyone who supports/supported this project! I would've never achieved what I have so far without you all!

And special thanks to:
-minty cups
-D the Hedgehog
-「 D E R K 」
-Sir Giygas
-spoon Scribble
-Not So Greedy
and more!

Latest reviews

Why is this so good?
how do i play the mac version
this game is amazing i really love the sonic tails and knuckles characters and there super forms too
it handles decently and is just good, I prefer utopia(base handling and camera) and islands(creative movement design). I like some of the animations in this game such as the homing attack, the bounce is really cool and executed uniquely, the control mapping is good (unlike islands). the brake is horrible, it takes forever to slow down like in the boost games. The fov effect has been done well, the spin ball looks a little strange front on as it's a lot wider than the model (fixed in the newest showcased version). when going up a loop the camera looks at the ground instead of the character which can make it difficult to tell where you're going. I like that you can run on water. But yeah solid looking modern game.
It's still better than whatever the hell sega has ever made. I'm looking forward to the newer version it looks a lot better than what's shown here
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this engine feels great! How do I play as tails and knuckles tho?
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I can't actually play the game, because it crashes on open, by sending me straight to a black screen. Is there a way to Resolve this issue from happening?
hey guys
how can i change .rar files that do not open as files to open as files?
right now it doesnt open and its just opening notepad, filling the notepad with a bunch of code
please help

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