Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)

i wanna know one thing,WHY IS THIS GAME SO AMAZING??? :emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_heart_eyes:
The graphics are amazing, high fps even on slower PC's, and perfect physics and controls! It could use a slight addition of places to go and loops and stuff. But other than that, I really do like this.
Sir !
i want to ask can you port it for low pc its a really nice game but there are to many fans with low pc so can you port it for low pc just wanted to ask that
Its amazing, the graphics are smooth, thee quality is awesome, and its really easy to control, you just have to remember the controls.
This game is absolutely phenomenal. Near flawless controls, thoughtful inclusion of both modern and classic style elements, great physics and momentum. It even lets you turn Super Sonic on or off as you please. Eagerly awaiting more of this game.
just wow its amazing but what would be cool is if there was hyper sonic (the master emerald is on the map so why not?) but you would need lots of rings like about 100 rings! or 70 or 80 cause i don't know how much rings are on the map lol
please make a .zip version
Yeah plz make one
No you dont need a .zip version download 7 zip and the game files right click on the .rar file go to 7 zip and extract files then just run as administrator and the game works
I loved the game but just tell me what the controls for the game is on the macOS
I loved the game but just tell me what the controls for the game is on the PC there's like no guide or anything
go to the options and go over to the controls section
This demo is an incredible example of utilizing all of Sonic's classic elements in 3D. The control mapping could be a wee bit more spread out, but other than that everything feels incredible.
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please put it on chrome
what app do you have to get
i can agree game was lots of fun i really hope this isnt canceled
it is an awesome game. the only thing i don't like is that there is no boost button but the rest is awesome.
well sonic prodject hero im playing rate now.
is enyone else goin to see my revu
what are the controls on macOS?
Project Hero is a great example of a refined version of the Adventure formula. It all plays fantastically and I wish Sonic Team would make a game similar to this. Hopefully, we could get some actual zones for this in the future.
I´ll download the file, i´ll extract the file but i can´t find the game
same i want zonez to
yes i can't play the game please please help
Probably the best 3d sonic physics game I've ever played! , I know it would be very risky to upload a open source project folder for bad mods, but playing bad mods in new and linear stages with these wonderul physics has just became my dream.

Congrats to Hero and every single member behind this masterpiece, hope the 30th anniversary brings us something similar.
Okay. Hero. You're great.
I thought Sonic Infinite was it. No this is definitely it Chief.

It Doesn't Even Have Shadow Yet and I'm astonished as how amazing this Demo is.

After Hours of playing this Demo On and Off. The Polish of the animations and the details you put into the game is amazing.
Knuckles floating on water. The Drill attacks. The uppercut. The Punches.
Tails' Flying, Accelerated flying. Bomb Jumps for just a bit more Height. Spin Dashing being it's own button which also functions as a re-Curl function for knuckles and tails.
Knuckles and Tails Being able to use Item Effects! So many different ways to combine abilities and items for a Tails' Bomb Jump -> Lightning Jump -> Flight.
Sonic Bounces up or Bounces forward depending on if you hold the Jump button or not after a Homing attack.
Super Sonic Looks So Clean!
I just want to say i love this Project so Much man. Everything typically contributes to gaining more speed.
Typically because Mid Air attacks have a fixed speed. If they Didn't though. Max Speed Gliding Knuckles will be the best thing ever.
I love using the massive floating ring platform to spin around it to gain max speed and launch myself off into the air (if i time it right)
Or using that little Cylinder with it's center curved to gain some insane height and fly or glide around.

The future and hope for Sonic Games has always been what the fans have done Imo, except Sonic Mania. This is no Exception.
Thanks Man.

Is there any chance that the Mid-Air action abilities won't decrease current momentum as heavily as they do?? I know tails has that accelerated flying but knuckles doesn't.
Lightspeed Dash I always have to double tap to ensure it actually activates, even while standing still near a path or rings.
Lightning Shield with Knuckles while he is gliding doesn't jump unless you release glide first. Not sure if intentional or not but it's kind of weird.
Yea, we don't do that here.
I like boost too, but this game does better without it.
Davvero un bel lavoro perfino il mio laptop mi permette di giocarci senza troppi problemi, la presenza di più personaggi giocabili per me è sempre un must in un gioco come Sonic inoltre i personaggi possiedono le migliori abilità che potessero avere con controlli eccellenti
Rudie Radio Waves
Rudie Radio Waves
Usa F2. E la prossima volta scrivi in Inglese :P
Rudie Radio Waves
Rudie Radio Waves
Download the .rar, extract it, and run the .exe.
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Играется гладко, весело, есть где развернуться, а самое главное - хорошо оптимизировано.
What do I need to launch this?
Ever since playing Sonic Adventure as a kid, I've longed for a smooth 3d Sonic enginge... Sonic - Project Hero is exactly what I envisioned.

This engine is so exciting to me. Sonic Team needs to do with this what they did with Sonic Mania, and recruit the fans to make their next game; if the next 3d Sonic's engine is even close to this one, it'll be the best one yet.

I have not had more fun in a 3d sonic game, and this game doesn't even have textures, let alone levels, or even goals.... If a full game is made with this engine it will without a doubt be the best 3d Sonic game to date. Of this, I am certain.

Please keep up the amazing work!
For a sneak peek at what can be done with this, a Youtuber has somehow modded in Windmill Isle Act 1. I don't have the link, but you can search for it on Youtube.
Hero should be commended and sort after by SEGA. This demo is not only the best control for Sonic I've experienced, in the entirety of Sonic's rocky transition to 3D, neigh it's one of the best experiences I've had with Sonic. The seem-less integration of the drop dash from Sonic Mania and items from Sonic 3 completes a very empty space in SEGA and Sonic Teams vision of the characters gameplay. Fans are creating the best experiences, it started with Christian Whitehead, and dare I say it will be completed with Hero.

I'm blown away!
Captures the finesse of Sonic's original gameplay in 3D. What more can you say?
An excellent engine for Sonic and friends, giving the player full control over each characters' movement style. Just a few kinks left to iron out.

I absolutely love this demo, and can't wait to see what comes next with this Engine. Project Hero definitely provides one of the most fun, engaging, and freeing Sonic experiences I've ever played, and this is only a tech demo!

The ability to control sonic completely even at high speeds is a HUGE plus. Being able to quickly turn 90 to dodge around a badnik feels super satisfying.

The added bonus of the Extreme Gears is a beautiful example of how much the devs love Sonic and his lore. the gears control so smoothly. My only critique of the gears would be that you can't switch drifting sides without exiting the drift animation (as in start drifting left and then switch sides to drift right before breaking and boosting forward). If they fixed that it would be the most smooth gear experience I've seen yet!

As far as sonic controls, the only big gripe I have with this control scheme right now is without boost pads there's very little way for Sonic to make it around the loops without spindashing. Normally running, without the ability to boost (which if they integrate boost pads would not be that big a deal) makes it very difficult to build up enough speed to make it around the loops without slowing to a halt and falling off halfway through (which is an interesting thing, considering the donut shaped piece of land works 100% of the time.) Definitely think they should at least show what a boost pad would act like in this Engine, because for faster sections of a level it would be nice to have those, although still without losing control of the character.

Besides that, I've been loving this demo to bits! You guys are doing great work, keep it up! Can't wait to see the game you guys make off this engine. ^w^
same!!! PLZ HELP
hey guys, you can download the file but you will need winzip to open the file to play the game. Enjoy!
For the people having issues with the spinning camera, the way I fixed it was unbinding the camera control and just like that, it was gone. Hope this helps one of you
Lets get this out of the way..


-No rail-grinding.
-Light speed dash doesn't connect or stay on a trail very consistently.
-Momentum-based homing attack doesn't feel as fluid as I thought it would. (But that's just a nitpick, I thought the angle would be more like in Sonic GT.)
-Homing attack is sometimes difficult to use when going at high-speeds because it won't hone-in on enemies.
-Camera will occasionally keep moving towards the floor again and again, forcing me to close the game. (I originally thought this was a controller issue, but when I disconnected my Xbox controller, it still kept going. I don't have any other controllers connected.)



PS:Seriously though, this game is amazing. I probably would've given this a 4.5 star rating if that was possible on this website, but it's not. I rounded up because that's how math-class works and because this demo is legitimately my favorite game ever. I don't care if there are no levels. I've been watching this project from the beginning and it has been well-worth the wait. Every movement, every option, every detail feels like something that adds to the gameplay. Everything is meant to flow into everything else and I LOVE it. Thank you, Hero.

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Joseph A. Rose
I'm using the Logitech Gamepad F310, and I'm having trouble. Can someone please tell me what is the Input of It?
EDIT: Never mind. It's on the Options menu where General and Controls Were.