SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Arcus - SAGE 2020 Alpha Build


Please start by resetting the save data from the options menu. That will fix some of the glitches.
An update will be up in the next few hours!


( NOTICE: This is a very early version of the frameworks and by no mean represents how the final result will be )
Sonic Arcus is Unity Sonic Framework heavily based on Sonic Unleashed. Its aim is to provide users with the majority of tools to recreate their favorite levels from the boost era, import original and fan-made levels from Unleashed and Generations, and so on.

This demo includes 3 hub worlds as voted on twitter ( Eggmanland, Spagonia, Apots ), 4 playable levels ( Apotos act 1 HD, Apotos Act 1 SD, and two gameland levels) and test level

The game has support for PS4 and XBOX ONE controllers ( for ps4 enable it in steam and use it to open the game or use DS4 Windows )

This demo is by no mean a complete product but is here to showcase the capabilities of the framework and most importantly for you to share your feedback and ideas.

Download v0.5.3 : (508 MB .zip )
If the game gets stuck in the title screen please reset your save data in the options!


PS: All content is subject to changes in the future. This is an early version and does not reflect the performance of the final product in any way. Every future version will be more optimized and polished.

More on what I mentioned earlier. Due to the crash the following glitches exist:
Level start line in English when the Japanese voice-over is selected.
a couple debug objects can be found
twitter button and button layouts on menus do not work/appear


V 0.5.1 :
  • Fixed instances where Sonic would stop after boosting at an enemy
  • Fixed English voices playing when Japanese is selected
  • Fixed presistent camera blur and FOV
  • Fixed not working Twitter button in the main menu
  • Fixed Colors jumpball not showing in some levels
  • Added the missing option to leave some acts when cleared
  • Added more rings to the Playground level
  • Fixed not being able to move left in the main menu using the left analog
  • Fixed infinite homing when the Unleashed input layout is selected
  • Slightly Increased the homing attack range
  • Added grass footsteps to some acts missing it.
  • minor tweaks
  • Reverted wall jump to previous state
  • Fixed jump cancels the happen when jumping and moving toward a wall or after stomping
  • Fixed the dash ring animation not ending in some instances
  • Fixed homing indefinitely when a wall prevents sonic from reaching a target
  • Fixed a glitch where you couldn't collect emblems
  • Fixed spagonia collisions
  • Added support for native resolutions
  • Fixed the resolution settings that was not working in 0.5.2
  • Added volume settings
  • Added FPS settings ( 60 / 120 / 30 )
  • Fixed Wall jumping where Sonic would stick to walls even when not fast enough )
  • Added more control over Sonic during Jumps
  • Increased Sonic's turning speed on Ground ( still experimental )
  • Fixed wall jump in the 2nd tutorial level
  • removed an emblem in Apotos SD which breaks the save file


Sonic Arcus made by Ala Chebbi, also known as 06hypersonic60 and Tofuu
Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of this demo and Arcus in general.

StarwarSonic90 ( gameland level )
BeatzYT ( shading and ripping assistance )
Thomas May ( unleashed import tools )
Lucas Rodrigez ( coding assistance )
Raphpower ( shading assistance )
Kaezzey ( ripping assistance )
MANGOM1LK ( assets )
NeoSlyde( assets )
SirGiygas ( coding assistance )
ChaosX ( effects )
Skyth ( modding tools )

And not to forget, all my subscribers and followers on YT and Twitter which were the driving force behind the making of this demo!
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I don't have anything to say right now in terms of criticism, but this looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
I only have few problems theirs no bounce and no boosting in the cities also I collected all 15 emblems ( I think ) and i can't play the other stages
Awesome Work.
Sonic Arcus is good Sonic Unleashed port/fangame for pc.
I wait for New updates, new levels and night levels.
I keep my fingers crossed for the further development of Sonic Arcus :)
Oh okay and Tofuu should know that I downloaded this for one of my friends who subscribed to him :1
Aw, man. Could you just release a framework, not the demo? It looks like it's in its's final stage of dev already!

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