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Sonic AGES SAGE 2018 Alpha

Project Overview

thank you for your patience. you can view the changes in Build 13 here.
also added an extra mac build there because i don't know how macs work or if they can open RAR files so there's a .ZIP for just in case

While you're reading this, you may wanna check out Battle Cross FEVER and Sonic Battle R. Me and JMan's projects can be followed easier through our discord group at Team Cross FEVER

now..about the contents in this demo..

hosting multiplayer matches.
long story short, you need to port forward 7500 to get people to join your room. after that, joining and hosting games is pretty much the same as Sonic Battle R. (copy your game code and give it to people you want to join your game)
also forgot to set a limit to how many players can join so there's no limit now. so i wonder how many people can get into one race together lol.

There is one major (and very annoying) bug in AGES where after you finish all the stages or gameover back to the main menu, you're soft locked from starting single player again. you'll have to restart the game.
i'm still trying to make a solution to this, it's just taking a really long time to figure this out.
doesn't apply to multiplayer though. it was present in last year's build too but i just set it so people repeat the last stage over and over. but instead of confusing people. you go back to the main menu.
this same bug also prevents the game from closing for some reason...

Change log for Build 13: putting out fires edition.

1. Jman added AGES codes as a new way to host and join games in multiplayer. similar method as sonic battle R
2. fixed some springs in carnival speedway that doesn't give character control back. (over looked some of them previously)
3. fixed horizontal springs in carnival speed way that under weird circumstances would slap characters through the wall.
4. fixed the soft lock inside of seabed with the bouncer near the fire shield.
5. fixed a few collisions with some platforms acting funny in carnival speedway. there's many more that needs to be fixed, but i tacked the biggest problems first.
6. removed the annoying duplicate HUD on the netplay. (something weird happened and suddenly there were 2 HUDS lol)
7. tiny project fixes to some pet peeves. ;)
8. took carnival speedway out of the single player mode. was meant to be there temporary anyway.
9. added some informative text in the multiplayer menu.
10. fixed the info text from breaking when switching menus. (wasn't a big deal, but it kept bothering me)

Changelog for Build 12: Barely made it to SAGE 2018 edition

  • finally figured out that annoying control glitch. meaning i can get back to other things, like character and level art stuff AND ONLINE basically, those few people had an external app called vjoy that they used to make games without controllers work. you don't need this for my game and it just causes trouble. i will release a separate build without gamepad support if it people are so stubborn to not turn it off.

  • Additions
  1. Web Browser Build (so you can play the game through the browser. this is still very little tested so expect bugs and such (multiplayer shouldn't work with web browser build so i suggest downloading the game instead)
  2. Exit game button at main menu (so for those that game over and need to restart the game, they don't have to alt+ f4)
  3. Multiplayer! - this is early so there wont be too much to play on. there will be multiplayer specific stages that wont be playable in single player since i have different plans there.
  4. One new Multiplayer Stage- with permission from Felik, as a milestone celebration, this stage is part of a collaboration for Sonic Fusion. expect more fusion stages in multiplayer since they're pretty fast for me to bring over. Thank you very much Felik :)
  5. Many Controller Supports!- supports Xbox 360, Xbox one, Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4 controllers. if you'd like a specific controller to be supported please request so and i'll look into doing it.
  6. Dynamic music!: only for the main menu. this was something I've been wanting to learn how to do for the longest. you've probably noticed this in games such as Phantasy star online series and Muramasa and many racing games. As much as i love ungravity, i needed to properly test layering tracks seamlessly. which is why the main menu music is Planet from ridge racer vita's menu so please enjoy that for now because it's temporary just like all the music. (ridge racer is my favorite arcade racing game other than Hang-on, and Outrun and Cruzin')
  7. Pause Button: this was put together really quick, i'm sorry that it looks so basic. i'll polish it up after adding in a certain highlight to this year's sage submission :)
  • Major Changes - the things that aren't additions.
  1. Ding dong the with is dead! fixed that really annoying input glitch a few players got that caused their player to move on their own.
  • Minor Changes - the things that aren't as big as major changes... lol
  1. decreased the deadzone for the 360 control stick back to 0.4 (was 0.7 temporary to find the issue with the possessed gamepad inputs)
  2. the camera now snaps to the player when going through a teleport in seabed.
If you read this far then it's safe to tell you that if you downloaded this demo and sonic is the only playable character, please check back in a couple of days :)

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

i guess highlights of this project that's different from last year is..

Multiplayer and the ability to do dynamic music.


JMan for working with me to get this online multiplayer working. without you i'd still have a long way to go to implement that (and i probably would've never gotten around to that.)
Felik for allowing me to bring over his Sonic Fusion stages over to AGES. it's mostly a direct port over for now, but i plan to redraw your sprites to make it appropriate for the high resolution characters.
mdechatech a.k.a KOHCTPYKTOP for his Sonic Realms Engine
The guys that created Unity and the 2D features.

Current Sound and Audio credits
SEGA for their sound effects

Placeholder Music credits
Menu music - [Planet] by Taku Inoue "Ridge Racer (Playstation Vita)" by NAMCO
Tutorial music - [Summer Squid] by Yoko Kanno "Napple Tale" by SEGA
Stage music -
Seabed - [Abysmal Ball - Banquet] by Hideaki Kobayashi "Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2" by SEGA's Sonic Team
Carnival Speedway - [Electoria (BETA)] from "Knuckles Chaotix" by SEGA
Speed shoes - [Nitro Witch] by Ayako Saso "Ridge Racer 7 By NAMCO"
Invincibility music by SEGA

also thank everyone for testing my builds with me :)
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Latest reviews

Horas y horas me he tirado disfrutando al detalle del estilo. Gracias por el proyecto y espero que siga adelante y se consiga sacar un juego completo y disfrutarlo al máximo. Ojalá lo vea más gente y se pueda jugar mas el modo multijugador.
lol this was a fun thing to watch. while i intentionally made the enemy placement pretty annoying due to growing up with megaman and castlevania antics, i have taken your thoughts on the game into consideration. please look forward to the future updates for Sonic AGES


Damnit, I can't even download the game now?
It's very necessary that i temporarily put the download down to replace it with an update that has fixes to some potentially dangerous issues. i don't want people exposing their IPs to the internet to get people to play with them. that's only trouble.

so this is to protect them.

please be patient for now.
i remember when this was like a thing that had its own website and it was very very great
i remember when this was like a thing that had its own website and it was very very great
yeah, i left the website alone for now. figured i'd fix it up to look better one day since it was a rush job. i mean the site is still there, just looks like butts
I know im stupid. and I can't figure out how to install the game
you don't install the game. you extract it using WinRAR or any to extract the RAR file. then just run the Sonic AGES.exe

perhaps i should start making an install for the game though?
I absolutely love that hand drawn pencil art on the first stage! and that background is so creative, reminds me of some of the groundbreaking stuff Shiny was doing with Earthworm Jim in the 90s. I would love to see this game get funding and support, it really is a unique artistic direction that I vibe with !

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