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Pantufa the Cat : Extended Edition

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Pantufa the Cat : Extended edition
(Pantufa the Cat 2 in Europe) is a modification of Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega Drive derived from a similar project from late 2011, Pantufa the Cat.

WARNING: Due to some weird glitch somewhere that I can't for the life of me figure out, there is a small chance this hack slowly corrupts itself on real Hardware. If anyone has any idea what's going on here or happens to have simillar issues on emulators, let me know. I haven't had any reports of this happening on anyone else's machine so it should be pretty safe.



In the Yo-world, a catastrophe had bestowed upon the lands. An unknown object hit the Ulteye Star, causing it to flood the world with the liquid known as Star Tear, which is about the same as ocean water but much more saltier and with a hint of melon. To prevent further damage, pipes were built everywhere to keep the liquids away. This event ultimately lead to a shortage of crops, including tomatoes which are one of the most important ingredients for making a Francesinha, Pantufa's favourite dish.

It is the red cat's task to stop the Star from crying and to prevent it from happening again to ensure Francesinhas are possible in the future.

There are rumours about this ancient artefact known as the Plot Bullshit Bell that is known to prevent anything from crying with its chime, perhaps this item will aid the red cat on its journey.


Normal Mode

Play through a two Level Demo of what the project has to offer.


Classic Mode

Relive 2011 through these rehashed stages from the original Pantufa the Cat, with minor slice of life alterations such as bug fixes (except for the fun ones).
The entire campaign is playable, albeit bonus stages were cut (granted they only gave you lives and continues which are pretty much nonexistent here).


Classic Mode DX

Returning from the SHC 2017 are the DX levels, previously only accessible through the Dev Menu. Beating this mode unlocks the Dev Menu.



SHC 2016 : Initial Release, meant originally as a stab at Sonic 1 : Extended Edition.

SHC 2017: Repurposed entire project for a Sonic After the Sequel DX joke under the name "Classic Pantufa the Cat DX".


SHC 2019: Made a Salad instead.

SAGE 2020: Actually playable stages and portfolio plug.
UPDATE 2020-09-10 :
- fixed Merio blocks
- updated hidden hack to the latest build
- updated SAGE logo

SHC 2020: Added one stage and fixed up some of the Classic levels, along with the addition of Classic DX



Special Thanks

Did a great set of 8x8 sized letters
  • Binbowie
Changed "Artist code" into code
  • Aurora Fields
  • Dragon Wolf Leo
  • Ralakimus
inflate.asm (yes, this hack uses zip compression)
  • Keir Fraser
Minimal code help related to the pause screen
  • Clownancy
  • Selbi
Minimal music help at one time
  • MarkeyJester (dang it, almost a major hack without his involvement! So Close!)
Helped by making some amazing custom tools
  • Dragon Wolf Leo
  • Ralakimus
Has a Monopoly on Sonic hacking tools for some reason
  • MainMemory
Fixed some sprites to look pretty
  • MotorRoach
The Shandon behind the Shandon Hill (majority of the tiles)
  • Pics ´n´ Pixels
  • Pics ´n´ Pixels
  • Saturn's Rings
  • Dragon Wolf Leo
  • MeGagWolf
  • Binbowie
Made the lovely Logo
  • Staticj3ff
People who never gave up on me
  • Binbowie
  • Dragon Wolf Leo
  • MotorRoach
  • Saturn's Rings
  • Staticj3ff


I never got the chance to try this rom hack out until today and WOW this is really awesome!! Short, but very very sweet! It worked on the emulator I used just fine. I would have no idea where to even start when it comes to making something like this, bravo!

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