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Louny Balloony

General Information

The skies are a place of beauty and wonder!
Little Louny has always adored the majesty of the open air, and in this age of flight, is finally prepared to take on dazzling heights! However, the skies are also crowded with other creatures and characters that aim to blow Louny off course. Can you help Lou traverse this airspace of anarchy?

This demo features the first level of Louny Balloony! Includes video games.

Louny Balloony is being solely developed by Harold Krell. Please show support by following me on my twitter at @harold_krell. Thanks for playing!

  • Arrow keys/WASD/IJKL -- General movement
    • Left/Right to move horizontally
    • Down to dive
  • Space -- Jump/Flap
  • Enter -- Pause
  • Esc -- Quit Game
  • Z/X -- Alternate button press for dashing (configured through menu)


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Harold Krell
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